Wedding vendors-Price vs. Service

We all have heard the adage you get what you pay for.  Have you thought about what it is you really want to pay for?

I would venture to say that in any given situation when purchasing an item, most of us base our decision on price. We can live without great service if it’s something we really want, though truthfully we really remember and enjoy the buying experience more when the service is above average.

When planning a wedding, where everything you purchase is so emotionally significant, I really believe that price should be secondary to service. You can search by price for a vendor’s services, but if they don’t show up on time, or the quality is less than you expect, that’s what you will always remember.

I believe there are three key things to remember about picking a vendor for your wedding or party:

1. Make sure your vendor really understands your vision and needs. It’s okay to have a budget, but be realistic about what your budget will get you and really trust that your vendor is committed to giving you the best services, and items your budget will afford you.

2. Get it in writing. A contract, though scary to some, is both your best friend and protection. It is a written understanding of everything your vendor will do for you, that they guarantee they will deliver the items agreed upon and you agree to the terms of the contract. No matter how many times you may need to change something, make sure it all ends up on the contract, and is noted by both you and the vendor.

3. If it seems like a deal too good to be true, it probably IS. There are unscrupulous vendors that could take your money and not deliver, or promise much bigger than what they deliver. The best ‘deal’ is a vendor with positive reviews to their credit or were referred and not necessarily the lowest cost option.

Remember that price is only part of your package. Quality and service is the one part of your package that you will remember.

Now go and have yourself a Quality wholesale fresh flower day!!!

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