Customer Testimonials

We thought you might like to look at some of the mail we have received from our customers. To tell you the truth, in this hurry up world, we are always thrilled when anyone cares enough to take the time, to send us their comments.

To those of you who have written, Thank-you, you always brighten our day!

flowerpage“It was Friday, my birthday and a work day. I came into the office and no one said very much, like maybe, “Hi, Happy Birthday????”. At about 9:30 in the morning a box arrived with my name on it and I was called to Reception to sign for it. I carried this large box to the kitchen followed by about twelve of the girls in the office. I opened the box and everyone yelled “Surprise!!!! and started singing Happy Birthday. Inside this box there were about 125 of the most beautiful, colorful, aromatic flowers you could imagine. I had the most wonderful time sharing these beautiful flowers (I certainly couldn’t fit 125 flowers into my one vase, and besides sharing is nice) with the rest of the girls in the office as they brought their vases, coffee mugs, water glasses and pitchers. The girls had chipped in to buy these flowers in honor of my birthday.

For the next two weeks we all had fresh flowers on our desks and it felt like we were celebrating my birthday for two weeks instead of one day. None of us could believe how beautiful these flowers were and how long they lived.

I just wanted to thank you for providing me with so much pleasure with your fabulous flowers.For flowers to stay fresh for two weeks tells you how fresh they had to be when they were shipped. Thank you for this great gift. We have decided to order from you for every event so we can have fresh flowers around the office all the time.”

flowerpage“As a wedding and special event consultant I align myself with others within the business that share my same business ethics. Brides & Blooms I am pleased to say rank high on my portfolio of venders and service providers that I utilize for my clients.

Recently I (Effortless Events) purchased roses from Brides & Blooms to be used as décor and ‘give-away’ at a local area Bridal Show. I was extremely pleased with the color, size and freshness of the roses. I sincerely believe that the roses contributed to the successful traffic I experienced.

It’s a pleasure working with everyone at Brides & Blooms from the owners Beth and Dorelle down to their ordering department associates.”

flowerpage“Dear Brides and Blooms:
I never thought I would be writing a letter like this one, but I just had to let you know…

I did something on a whim; I was trying like heck to impress a young lady in my office. I couldn’t come up with just the right thing. A friend of mine happened across your website and brought it to my attention. A bulb went off, what if I was able to do a “Donald Trump”, I couldn’t whisk her away on my private jet, but I could, just maybe, fill her cubicle with flowers.
I called your Company, and told the consultant my plan, and my budget, no problem she said.
What do you want, when do you want it and where should it go? Those were the only questions I needed to answer. Then, the biggest question was mine, HOW MUCH?
I was absolutely shocked; I got 125 roses delivered to this young lady, for less than I had paid last Valentine’s Day for 3 Dozen roses.

Thank-you soooo much for everything. I tell all my buddies about you, now when they are in trouble or just want to impress, they can call you, look like a tycoon, and still have money in their pockets for that “Romantic Dinner” to follow.”

flowerpage“To Whom it may concern:

I am writing this note to you, on behalf of my daughter. We recently held a Quinceanera In her honor.

I worked with one of your consultants, and she was able to come up with a very interesting way to display the table centerpiece flowers. We worked together to choose the right type of flowers and then discussed how we were going to put them together.
The flowers arrived, on the day we had chosen, and we followed the directions on how to handle them.

The day of the party we arranged them and set them up. All the guests were amazed at what a wonderful job we had done. We enjoyed them all that night, and then brought them home. We also had extra flowers at home, that we didn’t use for the arrangements.

We went away for a week, came home, and to our shock, the flowers were still gorgeous, we cut them again, and would you believe, they lived another week?

Thank-you Brides and Blooms for helping us to have the very best flowers that we could have expected to have.

We tell everyone about you.”

flowerpage“Dear Brides and Blooms:
Just wanted to let you know that our School fundraiser was a huge success.

Because we are such a small school, we never thought we would be able to work with a wholesaler. Your consultants helped us to come up with the right answer to our fundraising dilemna.

Our parents ordered bouquets of various flowers, and our students had a wonderful time arranging them. I think that this is the kind of fundraiser that all PTAs should consider doing.
It’s amazing how much money we were able to make with such a minimal order.
We will look forward to working with you again, and again…..

Thank-You for all your help, and for your donation.”

flowerpage“Hi Dorelle!
I just wanted to share a few pix with you of the flowers. EVERYONE was talking about them! I was hearing comments like…”Hey! These roses are real! They look to perfect to be real!”

And fragrant…oh my gosh! They filled the room with a wonderful aroma! Some people thought we had sprayed the room with something so it would smell like a florist shop. I told them, “No, I just got the freshest flowers you’ve ever seen!” It was just as if we had picked them fresh from the garden.

I have a new favorite flower…The Titanic is beyond words. Even the men were commenting about them.

Well, I’ll end by saying, you made a young bride on a TIGHT budget VERY happy! Thanks again! I look forward to working with you again soon. In the meantime, if you want to use me for a testimonial or reference, you’ve got it!”