How Our Company Works

flowerpageBrides & Blooms gives you the freedom to pick and choose the beautiful fresh cut flowers you desire, in bulk. The flowers are then shipped from the Grower directly to your designated location. YOU get to design and arrange your beautiful flowers in any fashion you desire. Your flowers will come directly to you from the same farms that your local florist uses. We work with farms in Ecuador, Columbia, and Holland just to name a few. Your flowers are not cut until a few days before your delivery date. Remember Fresh is Fresh and Fresh is Best!!! Your florist may have your flowers in their shop for up to 10 days before your event even occurs.

Brides & Blooms recommends that you take delivery of your flowers at your designated location at least 3 to 4 days prior to your event. Flowers need time to breathe, hydrate and must be prepared for arranging. We also recommend a purchase of 10% more than your expected needs. All natural occurrences need to be factored in. We prefer that your order be placed 30 days before your event, to ensure availability, BUT we work well under pressure. ***See exceptions below for holidays. The earlier your order is placed the better. Payment is due when you place your order. If you should need to change anything regarding your order, please contact us 7 days prior to your scheduled delivery date.

Brides & Blooms makes every effort to ensure your flowers are delivered on time. We cannot control the shipping carrier so in turn we are not responsible for carrier’s late deliveries.

Please note: Due to delivery restrictions and security requirements at many businesses, flowers may not be allowed to be delivered directly to the recipient. Please understand that this may create a delay in delivery.
* Please make sure that deliveries will be accepted prior to shipping date.

All quality problems should be reported by phone (813-852-2052) within 24 hours of receipt of flowers to our Customer Service Department. This must be followed up by written notice, which MUST be accompanied by photo(s). Pictures should be taken as soon as possible so we are able to assess the damage and count the stems of the damaged product. When making a claim, please include: the type, quantity and specific damage to all flowers or products involved.

All claims made after the initial 24 hours will NOT be processed.

Brides & Blooms reserves the right to inspect all disputed orders. Product may be requested back. Complaints concerning part of the order supplied cannot be a reason for rejecting the entire order.

Brides & Blooms is not responsible if you mishandle your flowers. It is your responsibility to know how to handle the flowers.
All of our flowers are shipped and must be signed for. Please be aware that previously signing a door slip from various shipping companies any time in the past does not authorize them to waive the signature.

**Your decision to purchase from Brides & Blooms confirms your understanding and acceptance of our terms.

Brides & Blooms makes every effort to provide the exact flower you order. If in the rare event that high demand, crop failures or poor weather conditions prevent the availability of an exact flower, Brides & Blooms will contact you in order to give you the opportunity to pick a similar flower in the same price range.

Brides & Blooms will never distribute your private information to anyone for any reason. Your private information will not be used for any purpose other than to process your order.

Florida residents will be responsible for the applicable sales tax.

All payments are due in full at the time you place your order.

If your event is planned for the week before, during or after Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas or Mother’s Day, Please give yourself as much lead time as possible, to ensure availability. Again, the earlier you place your order, the better.

If your order is cancelled 3 weeks or more prior to your event, we will refund 90% of your payment. If your order is cancelled 2 weeks prior to your event 75% of your payment will be refunded and if a cancellation is made the week prior to your event no monies will be refunded.

Brides & Blooms welcomes and encourages comments, suggestions, feedback, information, or materials, and may be submitted by email, the US Postal Service or by phone.