Who Ya Gonna Call… And When?

Some brides-to-be have a list of things to do and a time frame in which to plan them. Most, however… don’t. A lot of people ask us, when is the best time to plan for my flowers and how should I start?

Usually the first step is to gather some recommendations from either the venue you’ve booked and/or some of the vendors you’ve already chosen. Find the name of some of the florists and floral designers you might have met at a wedding show or maybe you’ve attended an event recently and you fell in love with the floral designs. If so, ask for the name of that vendor! Those will be the best ways to start your search for the perfect Floral vendor for you!

If you decide you’re a DIY kinda person and want to do the flowers yourself, then your road to follow is to find a wholesale floral company that can get you flowers at wholesale pricing, with delivery included, Or a local vendor that sells flowers by the stem.

What if… you could get BOTH a wholesale floral company to supply the flowers at that great wholesale pricing AND they did your design work for you?

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Well… you can!! If you are local to the Tampa Bay area, Brides N Blooms Wholesale and Designs can help you with either decision.  We order directly from the farm, making the flowers you choose the freshest they can be, along with great wholesale pricing and very reasonable design fees! It is getting the best of both worlds. Giving you exactly what our tag line says: “Premium Style at Modest Pricing”

The next hurdle to jump is WHEN do I start planning for my flowers?

Typically, we suggest 6 months prior. But not everyone is organized, so for that person, no less than 3 months prior to your date. The sooner your order is in place. the likelier there will be no last minute problems. The ‘when’ should also include after you’ve chosen a venue and after you’ve decided the colors and theme of your big day. That is the PERFECT time to start planning for your flowers.


Let Brides N Blooms, Wholesale and Designs make all your floral dreams a reality! Call today for a consultation! Please check out our design website: www.bridesnbloomsdesigns.com to see our work and get some great ideas for your BIG day!

Now go out and have yourself a Flower Filled, Wholesale & Design day!

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