Have You Been Wondering…?

I bet some of you have been wondering… “Where have our 2 Brides N Blooms girls been??”

If you haven’t, well, we 2 girls will not be offended.  We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, as we did!  And now we’re gearing up for the winter season, with holiday parties and winter weddings!

So, where have we been and what have we been doing? …  We’ve been right here, making lots of wedding flowers and designs!! Here’s a look back at some of our favorites:

A lush and green outdoor setting. This wedding was held at a lovely country setting called Laurel Woods in Dade City, FL. Our bride chose deep burgundy red and greenery for her designs and it all looked beautiful.

Ivy & Seeded Eucalyptus greenery with Red Roses, Hypericum Berry and Fiddle Fern

Ivy & Seeded Eucalyptus greenery with Red Roses, Hypericum Berry and Fiddle Fern

Trailing Centerpiece

Trailing Centerpiece

Outdoor Tent in Burgundy and White with Greenery

Outdoor Tent in Burgundy and White with Greenery

This elegant event was held at the stately Avila Country Club in North Tampa. An outdoor feel for an indoor space, this bride wanted a natural, yet rich looking event. We 2 girls think it went perfectly as planned.

White Lily & Rose, with Red Orchid Cascade Brides Bouquet

White Lily & Rose, with Red Orchid Cascade Brides Bouquet

Maid & Matron of Honor rose bouquets

Maid & Matron of Honor rose bouquets

Arch & Aisle Decor with Greenery,Curly Willow & Flowers

Arch & Aisle Decor with Greenery,Curly Willow & Flowers

Avila's lovely reception space

Avila’s lovely reception space

Escort & Gift Table Design

Escort & Gift Table Design

The Groom’s family also had beautiful centerpieces for their wedding rehearsal dinner the night before!

Stargazer Lily & Lily Grass Bowl

Stargazer Lily & Lily Grass Bowl

It would not be fall in florida without a beautiful Beach Wedding! This event was coordinated by Beachangel Weddings and we were so happy to work together with them! Beautiful bright colors for a warm wedding day.

Teardrop Bridal Bouquet with Stargazer Lily, Mini Callas, Orchids & Roses

Colorful Teardrop Bridal Bouquet with Stargazer Lily, Mini Callas, Orchids & Roses

Escort Table Vase

Escort Table Vase

Tulle & Flower Arch

Tulle & Flower Arch

This Garden & Greenery style wedding was a special one for we 2 girls. We have known this bride since she was a little girl and it was our honor and pleasure to be able to share her special day with her family, as well as make her wedding floral dreams come true!

Lush Greenery Bouquet

Lush Greenery Bouquet

Ceremony Arrangements

Ceremony Arrangement

Escort Table Design

Escort Table Design

Bouquet Style Tall Cylinder Style

Bouquet Style Tall Cylinder Style

Garden Style Bubble Bowl

Garden Style Bubble Bowl

Mixed Flower & Candle Centerpiece

Mixed Flower & Candle Centerpiece


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Now go out and have yourself a fabulous and fun Wholesale Flower-Filled Day!


Whatever Will Be Will Be

One of our morning routines is to catch up on the news, social media, and maybe look for something different than just headlines. (Admittedly, sometimes looking for an idea to spark a blog post!) Sure enough, this article came across the screen and after reading it, the first thought was….Wow.  It isn’t wedding related at all, it’s actually ‘life’ related, it goes directly to how people behave when planning for an event and some of the things we two girls have noticed about Brides & their families during that time.


Here is the link… Americans over 65 shared their greatest regret in life — and the most common one may surprise you

Now, when it comes down to where we two girls are in age, experiences and life goals, one of us girls is older than the other…though 7 years difference may not seem like much in the overall scheme of things, at the ages we currently are, its huge in terms of where you want to be and where you are in your life’s journey, what you and your family deem worthy of worry and what you think of as no big deal anymore. Obviously, there are certain variables in worry levels as everyone’s personality is different. Some of us are born to worry (aka, chicken little DNA imprint), some of us choose to worry (because there are those that thrive on drama) and some of us have reached the point where we realize that life’s job is to kick you around enough so that you learn to value every minute, (good, bad or ugly) and embrace “whatever will be will be’.

As we watch brides and their families prepare for their big day, we see more often than not, Brides, Moms, & Party hosts, stressing themselves out by worrying about every tiny little thing, putting SO much pressure on themselves and everyone around them. To make matters worse, depending on the family dynamic, everyone gets swept up into the mania of trying to control everything, and over thinking every little choice/detail.

The truth is… no wedding or big planned event, just like life, goes without a hiccup. Some have more than others…decidedly so… but all the worry, control mongering and stressing out cannot and will not change the outcome.  Letting go of all that pre-day worry, and having some faith and trust in everyone’s capabilities who are a part of your big event, will make the whole process far less stressful.

The funny thing is, most brides and event hosts, by the day of, are so done with worry, so done with stressing over the details, that they actually get to that place of inner calm and think, “let me experience every moment of today, because it will be gone in an instant”.

Now, wouldn’t it be grand to live your life, all the time, with that kind of calm and peace?

Now…. go out and have yourself a worry-free, calm & peaceful, letting go of control, wholesale flower-filled day!

May The Force Be Included

Today is Labor Day and it is a great American holiday to commemorate…

However, this past Friday’s ‘holiday’ held a special place for the geek in we two girls.. it was Star Wars Friday! So, we figured we should celebrate the Star Wars fan bride with a a few cool ways to bring a little bit of Jedi love into your wedding day. Obviously, there is always the choice of having your hair done up in Leia Bun style, or having a Star Wars-themed cake, but in case you’re  looking for some different ideas, here are few ways you can incorporate the force into your big day:

Star Wars wedding cake toppers! What a perfect top to a traditional wedding cake… it doesn’t scream Star Wars, just gently lets your inner geek come through.

Star Wars Fabric Garter Belts…we found a few of these on Etsy.  The ad sums it up perfectly “An intimate surprise for your special day”

Star Wars Fabric Jewel Wedding Bridal Garter Set Prom Double Heart Charm

R2D2 string lights! How cool would those be hanging on some silk plants or around a buffet table!!

And our personal favorite:

A whole selection of Star Wars Wedding bands and rings:                                                                                    

Custom Made R2d2 Wedding Bands

We love it when our brides think outside the box and incorporate their geeky loves into their big day. It adds a little bit of fun and a little bit of cheekiness to an otherwise auspicious occasion.

Now go out and have yourself a flower filled, may the force be with you day!







Bridal Gowns Redux

This blog is one we posted awhile back and thought it is a GREAT one to share again! The original article was in 

You’ve been dreaming of this day for years: Your boyfriend finally popped the question, and you’ve set a wedding date.

Now starts the hunt for a bridal gown that will make you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world but won’t have you crying down the aisle because you’ve spent a small fortune on something you’ll (hopefully) only wear once. Don’t fret: We’ve explored the costs of buying a dress at bridal salons, retail chains, sample sales and online resale resources — and offered tips for landing a solid deal from each option.

Bridal Salons

Nothing will beat the service and pampering you’ll get at a bridal salon. And for many women, the experience of shopping at a store dedicated to their big day is a rite of passage — but at what cost?

On average, brides spent about $1,100 for a wedding dress last year, and an overwhelming number of them –58% — purchased their gown at a local bridal salon, according to The Real Weddings Study by The Knot, the wedding planning resource.

Dresses purchased at bridal salons will tend to be more expensive, Rachel Leonard, fashion director for BRIDES magazine, told WalletPop, “[because] they’ll be made to order.” It’s where you’ll end up with a dress that will fit you well with more exacting alterations because that’s the store’s specialty, she adds.

What’s more, Leonard offers, “They’ll make it more of a special experience, and you’ll be waited on.”

At a bridal salon, you’ll have a plethora of dress choices from a variety of designers, Amy Eisinger, associate editor of, (affiliate of The Know) told WalletPop. This means dresses will run the gamut from formal, traditional and ornate poofy frocks to classic and modern looks.

If you’re looking for that pampered salon treatment but still want to land a deal, consider this:

Bridal salons range from the moderate to the upscale. To find a lower-priced dress, look for salons that include gowns in their collection that come from vendors that specialize in more affordable fare, such asAllure and Watters & Watters, Leonard suggests. These suppliers, she says, “make good, classic wedding dresses ..and you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck.”

Dresses from these manufacturers will generally range in price from about $500 to $1,700, Leonard says, although there will be a wide selection at the lower end of that range at the moderately priced salons. You’ll get an even better deal if you buy one that’s on sale.

You’ll also pay less for a dress with a simple silhouette without a lot of embellishments, internal structure, or yards and yards of taffeta or organza, Eisinger says.

Another big way to save? “Avoid custom alterations, or keep them to a minimum,” Eisinger suggests. For instance, stay away from altering the neckline or changing a dress from short to long sleeves. Instead, try to find a dress that already incorporates these details.

If you must have alterations made, compare the cost of altering your dress at the bridal salon with the cost of using an outside tailor, who might be less expensive.

And then there’s that old rule: “If you stick the word ‘wedding’ on anything, the price tends to go up,” Eisinger says. If you do tap a regular tailor, get quotes from several different tailors before making your decision and make sure they have experience and are adept at altering bridal gowns.

National Bridal Chains

National bridal chains, such as David’s Bridal and Alfred Angelo, offer a huge selection of dresses in all different sizes and styles at mostly affordable prices. In general, these bridal chains sell their own brand of dresses, save for some exclusive and licensed collections.

According to Leonard, the dresses these stores sell are typically made from a less expensive fabric than what you’ll find at a bridal salon.

“But there’s no question that buying off the rack will save you a lot,” Eisinger says.

At Alfred Angelo, for instance, dresses range from $199 to $3,000, with most hovering in the $599 price range, says the chain’s spokeswoman, Amanda Sheronas. “The gowns that we create fit every woman’s price point and budget,” Sheronas adds.

At David’s Bridal, dresses are priced from about $299 to $1,400, but you can find sale dresses for as low as $100. If you’ve got your heart set on a dress from a big-name designer, the retailer now sells White, an exclusive line from none other than Vera Wang, with dresses priced from $600 to $1,400. The line was created to give more brides a chance to wear “the designer gown of their dreams at an attainable price point,” according to a David’s Bridal press statement.

Jelena Katkova illustration

Jelena Katkova -Getty Images

Retail Stores Say “I Do” to Bridal

More and more non-bridal retailers, particularly specialty apparel chains, are getting into the wedding dress business — and their collections are typically less expensive than what’s sold at a bridal salon.

If you’re willing to step outside the bridal box, check out the wedding dresses at Ann Taylor, White House Black Market, J. Crew and Urban Outfitters’ new Anthropologie spin-off division, BHLDN (Beholden) to see if they strike your fancy.

Just know that you likely won’t find the pomp-and-circumstance-type gown that’s available in a bridal boutique. For the most part, these retailers are offering simpler silhouettes that generally won’t be as formal, Eisinger says. If you’re having a more casual affair, be sure to check out these retailers’ stock of non-bridal white dresses that can double as a wedding dress, Eisinger says, which is another great way to save.

And it’s the affordability factor that just might win you over. For example, wedding dresses at White House Black Market range from about $348 to $698. Dresses at Ann Taylor go for as low as $300 for a simple, tulle, strapless number to $896 for an all-over lace gown; many of Ann Taylor’s dresses hover in the $395 to $499 range.

At J. Crew and Beholden, the dresses tend to be pricier. Still, you can find a $300 dress at J. Crew, but you’ll also see ones that go for as much as $3,500.

There’s one big compromise to consider when shopping at these lower-priced retailers: Dresses at these stores are mostly online exclusives, which means you can’t try them on. (A few of these retailers carry bridal dresses in a handful of their stores.) So before you buy, be sure to check retailers’ return policies.

One slightly unusual source you might to consider is Costco, which entered the bridal business this year with its Signature collection of dresses from designer Kirstie Kelly. And while you can land a deal, you won’t necessarily land a steal: Costco’s dresses, which are being sold in a handful of stores, range from about $600 to as high as $1,400.

Sample Sales

Bridal salons — as well as off-price department store Filene’s Basement, with its Running of the Brides event — hold sample sales a few times a year, where brides-to-be can score dresses for discounts of as much as 80% off the original price.

These sales can be like frenzied sporting events, as shoppers compete to snatch up a limited supply of bargain dresses.

Just know this: “You should be prepared to pay in cash and buy the dress that day,” Eisinger says. Also, the dress will likely be soiled and need to be washed, so plan on factoring in that cost, she says.


Second-Hand Dresses

If you really want to save big on your wedding dress and don’t mind wearing something used, you have s a host of options.

For one, there are sites devoted to selling pre-owned wedding dresses, such as,, and, which recently featured a new Oleg Cassini dress for $250, 72% off the original price.

While the assortment and sizes at second-hand resellers will be limited, Eisinger says, “this is where you can find dresses that are very inexpensive. In some cases, the brides have worn the dress only once, or maybe they never wore the dress.” Just remember, you most likely won’t have the option of returning the dress, so be prepared for the transaction to be a final sale.

You should also check out consignment stores and thrift shops for wedding dresses. Goodwill, for one, holds an annual bridal showcase, where used, designer wedding gowns can be snatched up for as little as $99. Check to see if the Goodwill in your area is planning such as an event.

And if you want to save on your dress but also want to give back, check out Brides Against Breast Cancer’s Nationwide Tour of Gowns. Most gowns in the collecting range from $99 to $799, and the tour features both new and donated wedding dresses, including some high-end designer dresses. Sales benefit Making Memories, a foundation devoted to brightening the lives of women whose cancer is terminal.

Now that you can breathe easy about finding a gorgeous wedding dress for less, all you have to worry about is…everything else!

Now go out and have yourself a dressy, wholesale flower filled day!

Sisters & Friendships

This Sunday, Aug. 2, is both Friendship Day and Sisters Day!  We two girls at Brides N Blooms Wholesale & Designs spend so much time together we might as well be sisters! Truth be told though, we ARE friends. Good friends, who work together well. We say, celebrate the day and spend it with your friends and/or sisters. Giving a gift of flowers or something small like candles, candy or jewelry is a lovely gesture to show how important they are in your life.


Friendships and sisters also play a big part in weddings.  Most brides-to-be choose their sisters and/or sister in laws, future sister in laws and ‘best’ friends to be in the wedding party.  The custom of having female attendants is probably as old as marriage itself and its origins are entangled in folklore. One story is that brides in early England were surrounded with friends and dressed in outfits identical to her own. That would confuse evil spirits that might want to curse her happiness. In another story, bridesmaids escorted the bride to the wedding to protect her from thieves after her dowry. Bridesmaids these days aren’t chosen for protection, of course, but are usually chosen because they are significant people in the bride’s life.  Since they will play a prominent role on a bride’s big day, they should be selected with care.

It seems like a no-brainer to have a sister as your Maid of honor or if you have more than one sister, to have them all in your wedding party.  However, be realistic… Even though they love you, and are there for you in all instances, they may not be up to this particular task. It could be at for one reason or another, right now they are emotionally unable to assist with the details that are required of a Maid of Honor and/or Bridesmaid. So have a care for their feelings too.  If you only have one sister, but her time management skills are lacking, (such as not EVER being ready for anything on time), then maybe a friend would be a better choice.  If you have more than one sister and one of them is better with coordinating things, then she is obviously a better choice for Maid of Honor. However, when deciding these things  be diplomatic. Give each sister or friend a special task that they can do and will make them feel special. Be open to having an honest conversation about what you need and what you expect from your sisters and your friends. Give them the opportunity to politely back out.  Remember, this isn’t about love, respect or closeness, sometimes it’s just about ability and expectations.

Celebrating any event, big or small, be it Friendship day, Sister’s Day or your Wedding day is a perfect opportunity for you to share how much you care about those closest to you in your life.

Now go out and have yourself a friendship and wholesale flower-filled day!

Avoiding a DIY Flower Disaster

We 2 girls love our business. We enjoy floral designing for our clients and getting a chance to bring their vision to life. However, as a company that supplies wholesale flowers as well as doing design work, we have a lot of opportunity to guide our DIY brides and clients with their floral visions as well.

We also read a lot of information about DIY design vs. floral designers/florists. So, when we come across an article that we REALLY enjoy, we like to share the information! If you’ve been reading our blog you’ll know it is rare for us to share directly, and for the sake of you, our dear reader, we think it might be better to give credit where credit is due, and just give you the highlights.

The blog is called How to Avoid DIY Wedding Flowers Disaster, and it is published in Top Wedding Sites by Team Wedding. The author talks about some of the problems that DIYer’s face when putting together their own wedding floral designs. In a nutshell, here are the highlights of the article:

1. Flowers Do Die:  Flowers are living things that need to be handled properly. Without the proper care they might die earlier than necessary. That being said, certain flowers are of hardier stock than others and can tolerate less water, warmer temperatures and too much handling. This is something that should be taken into consideration when making the decision to do your own floral design work.

A perfect example is hydrangea vs. carnations. Hydrangea are beautiful but unpredictable. Sometimes they hold up well and look beautiful for hours and days and other times within hours they look sad and wilted.  Whereas Carnations, no matter what is thrown their way, rarely show the wear. We 2 girls personally think the Carnation gets a bad rap comparatively speaking to the Hydrangea. We never understand why people turn their noses up at this flower. When used in the right design it really is a delicate, lovely bloom that comes in a myriad of colors that Hydrangea will never see, and when put side by side, they can be very similar in design look.


The moral of the story is, if you’re not sure of the conditions of the day, stick with a flower with a higher tolerance.

2. Flowers Need Water: Like us, flowers need water to survive. Sometime you find a design that you just HAVE to have for your wedding centerpieces, escort or sweetheart table. As a DIYer your resources for instruction are limited to whatever can be found online or in magazines. We have found that those are notoriously sketchy and sometimes difficult to follow. So, if you are looking to have that WOW factor for your floral pieces, the most important thing to remember is, whatever the design, make sure that you have enough water to keep your flowers fresh. We also feel that your designs should last past the big day, and insuring a proper water source will help you achieve that.

candelabra-prep1  candelabra-partyready

So, remember this important lesson if you decide to do your own floral designs,  make sure your flowers are either tolerant of being without a lot of water (orchids and other tropical flowers can survive without being directly in water for short periods of time) and/or provide your flowers with an adequate water source.

Just a small addition to this, when ordering  flowers from, we will go over the differences of each bloom you might consider and the design work you would like to do with them. We will spend the time to help give our customers all the direction and information needed to make sure your blooms and designs will last as long as possible for your special event and beyond.

Now go out and have yourself a Wholesale Flower-Filled Day!


Weddings on the 4th

Independence Day is a day usually a of fireworks, bbq and celebrating this wonderful country we live in.  A wedding on the 4th of July is a great way to combine both celebrations. After all, why shouldn’t a wedding have a firework finish and independence day be spent with family and friends! Here are some fun ideas that incorporate the patriotic Red, White & Blue colors into a fun wedding theme:

1. Sparkly shoes in patriotic colors:

Why not walk down the aisle sporting your red, white and blue! These shoes are Christian Louboutin pumps!

2. Berry Parfait desserts:

Cool your guests with a vanilla ice cream or yogurt Parfait for dessert! topped with raspberries, strawberries and blueberries is a delicious way to incorporate the red, white and blue theme.

3. Patiotic Aisle Markers:











Rather than the traditional flowers, or lanterns to mark the way down the aisle, how about some Stars & Stripes!

4. Red, White & Blue Flowers








Throw a little 4th of July flavor to your bouquets by adding a beautiful blue bow to accent a Red and White Bouquet.

There is nothing more romantic about the sky magically lighting up in sparkles for a wedding! Take advantage of the day’s celebrations for YOUR big day!

Now go out and have yourself a sparkly, wholesale flower-filled day!


A Look Back… Top 3 Picks of Spring

Wedding season is winding down so now that there’s a little time to breathe, we’d like to share some of our floral design favorites! From ships, to beaches and beyond, its been a fun spring with very diverse wedding styles. Here’s our top 3 picks from our busy spring season:

1. Nautical: We so enjoy working with our water-loving brides! They are all about the ship and beautiful blue and white accents! Here is our favorite nautical look from this spring!

Beautiful White Tulip Bouquet

Brides N Blooms Designs, Brides Red Tulip Nautical Corsage

Brides N Blooms Designs, Red Tulip Maid of Honor bouquet

Brides N Blooms Designs, red starfish boutonniere


2, Color Madness! There is nothing more fun for us than working with bright and vibrant colored flowers! This particular combination is simply stunning. Using Orchids, Lilies and Roses in blue, purple, pink, yellow, orange & white, gave this bride’s day a striking mix of textures and colors which set the perfect tone for this beautiful wedding!

Wedding Party Flowers

Brides N Blooms, Roses, Orchids & Orchid Cascade Bouquet

Brides N Blooms, submerged Orchid Centerpiece blue

Flower Girl & Ringbearer items

1. Romantic! Who doesn’t like a lush romantic feel for a wedding? Certainly we do! Soft white and blue tones with pops of yellow make for a beautiful color palette with lots of flowers, everywhere!

Blue, Yellow & White Bouquet, Brides N Blooms Designs

Image by Lisa Otto Photography


Brides N Blooms Designs, Arch Decor

Brides N Blooms Designs, Hydrangea Wrapped Design

Brides N Blooms Designs, lush room accent florals

Brides N Blooms Designs, Buffet table florals

Image by Lisa Otto Photography

We wish to thank all our brides and clients for giving us the opportunity to be a small part of your BIG day! We’re looking forward to working with all our summer and fall brides & clients with much anticipation and thanks!

Now go out and have yourself a wholesale, flower-filled day!

Not Just The Flowers

So, we two girls love new and fun ideas for events…. and not just for flowers! Here’s a couple of ideas we just LOVE!

Sophisticated wedding reception games

Games can be an easy way to entertain guests and have them break the ice with people they don’t know yet! Popular picks include “I Spy”, wedding guest bingo, and Mad Libs, and the “Icebreakers” game. These games can be done during the wedding reception with more class than childishness. Print them or have them hand calligraphied on pretty stationery and according to your wedding theme. Sit back and watch your guests really enjoy the evening and make new friends.

A DIY Dessert Bar

Almost all of your wedding is planned to a T, so why not leave some parts up to the creativity of your guests? Give your guests the ingredients to put together their own tasty treats! Some easy ideas might include a custom ice cream sandwich bar or a gourmet s’mores assembly station. A candy table with everything to make their own candy/cookie sandwiches. Can you say, YUM!!

A special drink tasting or pairing

Liquor is always a great way to get people more social! Why not add a bit of a twist to make it more interesting? Have an expert bartender hold a tasting or pairing for your guests at your reception. Have a Wine or Scotch and chocolate pairing, or Wine & Cheese pairing. Even a specialty beer tasting for all your micro brew aficionado friends.

Older flower girls

Enlist your grandmas to be your flower girls.

Enlist your Grandmothers, Great Aunts or Mom’s Closest Friends as your flower girls! Not only will that make them feel special, it will create a memorable experience for them, for you and for all your guests!

Love story aisle runner

It doesn't even have to incorporate photos.Incorporate your love story into the aisle runner.

hand write your love story timeline on an a long roll of chalk paper. Or use photo’s to show your journey together.

Any one of these ideas can make your day even more memorable for both you and your guests! Now go out and have yourself a fun-filled, memorable, wholesale flower-filled day!

Bad Jokes

It’s wedding season. Everyone is busy, stressed and tired.  As we two girls were surrounded by a sea of flowers, we were overcome by a laughing fit. You know the kind…. where you know what your are laughing about is just ridiculously inane and yet, you cannot stop.

What was this uncontrollable fit all about? Bad jokes… really bad flower jokes. Now let’s face it, sometimes all you need to make a long day better is a really corny joke and, of course, a can you top this really bad joke contest is even better.

Here are a few that made us laugh:

  • If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?  Pilgrims.
  • Which flower is a troublemaker? A dis-aster   
  • What do you get when you plant kisses? Tulips
  • Why couldn’t the gardener plant any flowers? He hadn’t botany.
  • What do you call a country that drives only pink cars? A pink car-nation.
  • If you aren’t friends, what you are? Anemones
  • What did the lawyer say to the judge? Iris my case!
  • What did the old flower say to the younger flower? What’s up, bud?

Two friars are having trouble paying off the belfry, so they open a florist shop.
Everyone wants to buy flowers from the men of God so business is quickly booming.
The florist across town sees a huge drop in sales and asks the two friars to close their shop,
but they refuse.
A month later the florist begs the friars to close because he’s having trouble feeding his family.
Again, they refuse, so the florist hires Hugh McTaggert.
Hugh is the roughest, toughest thug in town and is hired to “persuade” the friars to close.
Hugh asks the friars to close their florist shop.
When they refuse, he threatens to beat them and wreck their shop every day they remain open, so they close.
This proves once again that Hugh and only Hugh can prevent florist friars. 

A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill 
except for learning how to grow in rows.

And we two girls who love our husbands, still giggled at this one:

Grow your own dope……..Plant a man 

Now go out and have a joke-filled, belly laugh, wholesale flower-filled day!