Whatever Will Be Will Be

One of our morning routines is to catch up on the news, social media, and maybe look for something different than just headlines. (Admittedly, sometimes looking for an idea to spark a blog post!) Sure enough, this article came across the screen and after reading it, the first thought was….Wow.  It isn’t wedding related at all, it’s actually ‘life’ related, it goes directly to how people behave when planning for an event and some of the things we two girls have noticed about Brides & their families during that time.


Here is the link… Americans over 65 shared their greatest regret in life — and the most common one may surprise you

Now, when it comes down to where we two girls are in age, experiences and life goals, one of us girls is older than the other…though 7 years difference may not seem like much in the overall scheme of things, at the ages we currently are, its huge in terms of where you want to be and where you are in your life’s journey, what you and your family deem worthy of worry and what you think of as no big deal anymore. Obviously, there are certain variables in worry levels as everyone’s personality is different. Some of us are born to worry (aka, chicken little DNA imprint), some of us choose to worry (because there are those that thrive on drama) and some of us have reached the point where we realize that life’s job is to kick you around enough so that you learn to value every minute, (good, bad or ugly) and embrace “whatever will be will be’.

As we watch brides and their families prepare for their big day, we see more often than not, Brides, Moms, & Party hosts, stressing themselves out by worrying about every tiny little thing, putting SO much pressure on themselves and everyone around them. To make matters worse, depending on the family dynamic, everyone gets swept up into the mania of trying to control everything, and over thinking every little choice/detail.

The truth is… no wedding or big planned event, just like life, goes without a hiccup. Some have more than others…decidedly so… but all the worry, control mongering and stressing out cannot and will not change the outcome.  Letting go of all that pre-day worry, and having some faith and trust in everyone’s capabilities who are a part of your big event, will make the whole process far less stressful.

The funny thing is, most brides and event hosts, by the day of, are so done with worry, so done with stressing over the details, that they actually get to that place of inner calm and think, “let me experience every moment of today, because it will be gone in an instant”.

Now, wouldn’t it be grand to live your life, all the time, with that kind of calm and peace?

Now…. go out and have yourself a worry-free, calm & peaceful, letting go of control, wholesale flower-filled day!

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