A Big Jewish Wedding

Sometimes we get to attend a wedding! Go figure… and we enjoy it too! We attended the wedding of a dear friend’s daughter who also is one of my middle daughter’s oldest friends. They’ve known each other since they are three. Through today’s amazing technology my daughter was able to ‘attend’ the wedding by Skype from far away northern Canada and see her friend on her most special day.

As an ‘orthodox’ Jewish wedding, the affair was filled with all the traditions and ceremony that have been done for thousands of years. The bride and groom were surrounded by family standing outside underneath the chuppah while we sat with bated breath hoping that Florida’s traditional afternoon rainstorms would hold off until the groom stamped on the glass!

I found it fascinating to see the dichotomy of these two different worlds colliding, yet melding together. Women (like me) held up cell phones to take pictures and video’s to put online while men in their traditional garb of black hats and long coats stood and said prayers that have been said at Jewish weddings since the time of King David. It is truly an amazing time we live in.

And then…. there were the flowers! Brides N Blooms Wholesale division supplied all the flowers to the bride’s family to do with whatever they chose. We knew they had professional help from a family associate/friend and it was lovely…but the truth is, no matter how good the arrangements are it’s the flowers that make everything shine. The flowers themselves were exquisite and we got many comments and compliments on how gorgeous they were. (This makes us happy too!).

So, congratulations to the happy couple and everyone say “Mazel Tov”!

The Bride! IMG757_1 IMG782 IMG786

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