May The Force Be Included

Today is Labor Day and it is a great American holiday to commemorate…

However, this past Friday’s ‘holiday’ held a special place for the geek in we two girls.. it was Star Wars Friday! So, we figured we should celebrate the Star Wars fan bride with a a few cool ways to bring a little bit of Jedi love into your wedding day. Obviously, there is always the choice of having your hair done up in Leia Bun style, or having a Star Wars-themed cake, but in case you’re  looking for some different ideas, here are few ways you can incorporate the force into your big day:

Star Wars wedding cake toppers! What a perfect top to a traditional wedding cake… it doesn’t scream Star Wars, just gently lets your inner geek come through.

Star Wars Fabric Garter Belts…we found a few of these on Etsy.  The ad sums it up perfectly “An intimate surprise for your special day”

Star Wars Fabric Jewel Wedding Bridal Garter Set Prom Double Heart Charm

R2D2 string lights! How cool would those be hanging on some silk plants or around a buffet table!!

And our personal favorite:

A whole selection of Star Wars Wedding bands and rings:                                                                                    

Custom Made R2d2 Wedding Bands

We love it when our brides think outside the box and incorporate their geeky loves into their big day. It adds a little bit of fun and a little bit of cheekiness to an otherwise auspicious occasion.

Now go out and have yourself a flower filled, may the force be with you day!







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