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I think this week we’ll talk about time. I am intrigued by the ideas designers use to conjure up the ‘feel’ and ‘look’ of a time past.

We try to keep up with the newest trends and what they’re based upon. Lately, of course, vintage is very popular. Our last wedding show we created a beautiful table of what is considered ‘vintage’ looking items. But I wonder if I were able to ask my grandmother what her bouquets or table flowers looked like, would it even remotely look like what she had? I decided to see if I could figure that out.

So, here is the vintage table that we showcased at the latest Tampa Bay Wedding Show:

coliseum 19

Now here is a picture my grandmother at her wedding in 1934… which by today’s standards, would be considered vintage! Notice she is holding simple spray roses and greenery. There are silk orange blossom strands on her hat/veil and strands of pearls around her neck

001 (2)

It’s easy to see why items like flowing pearls, broaches with crystals & gemstones using white gold and filigree style patterns invoke the stylistic ‘vintage’ look of today. I would also venture to guess that it was not the common masses that owned much of those items, but what was shown in movies of that time or in pictures of the wealthier families who were famous then.

The 50’s retro style also seems to be based in a somewhat accurate replication of what was worn back then. Such as the sweetheart necklines, the Peter Pan collar & tiny rows of buttons on dresses, as well as the shorter “tea length” style dress so one can show off their shoes! Flowers were very traditional roses or carnations and smaller bouquets also seemed to be the norm. (though I’m sure the same was true then as is today, how much money one had to spend on their wedding would be a determining factor for that)

Here is my mother’s wedding dress which has the sweetheart neckline (though not as revealing as what we see today, it is the base for that design) and the small Peter Pan collar.  She also carried the popular smaller bouquet, though the long ribbon cascade ribbon creates a ‘bigger’ effect.

001 (3)

This style dress from the 50’s definitely shows the typical style of wide skirts, button rows, Peter Pan collar and shorter dress.

tumblr_mumrclmZiO1ql8nwoo1_500 (1)

I look at what was popular in the 70’s and 80’s and I’m so very glad that today’s fashions are much more elegant and sleek instead of the large poofy styles that were popular back then. I can only wonder what accent details and styles that are popular today will future designers pick and choose from when I comes time to label our present time as ‘vintage’.

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