A Great Team

What does it take to make a great team? Who do you look for when putting together a great team? When you were in school, teams were usually chosen by who was the most popular, the strongest, the biggest, the scariest kids. Unless you were creating a Math team, then, those qualities didn’t matter quite so much.

Fast forward, you’re no longer in school. You are choosing a team. A team to work with, and a team to grow your success. Now who do you choose? The requirements have now changed, but, who changed the rules? We are still going to look for strong people (strong personalities, strong interpersonal skills, strong convictions) We are still looking for Big people, (big names, big followings) We are still looking for Popular people (those who have lots of friends, lots of connections, lots of personality) I do think that we have put aside the scary people, for the most part, but, we will always need an “enforcer”, someone who gets the “dirty stuff” done. When you are planning an event, you want a strong team working together to help you make your event the very best it can be, with the least amount of stress.

Below are some of our team mates, these are the folks that we know can do a great job, and play nice with others. (After all, isn’t that what life is all about anyway?)

Event planner: Brenna Taylor… www.an-elegant-affair.net
Photographer: Roger Slater… www.ccsphotography.net
Venue: 1930 Grande Room…http://www.granderoom.com  & The Yacht Starship (Channelside) www.yachtstarship.com
Caterer: Stone Chef Catering…www.stonechef.com
Bartending Services: Spunky Spirits…www.spunkyspirits.com‎
DJ…(We have a few that we love)… today we will only list one,  Jacob Smeaton… www.musiconthemovedj.com
Baker: Corey Miller… www. coreycooks.com
Linens: Custom Linens… www.customlinenrentals.com
Stationary: Barbara Nelson-Fuqua… www.nelsonfuquadesigns.com
And of course, Flowers…Brides N Blooms Wholesale & Designs, www.bridesnbloomsdesigns.com

Now, go, form your team, play the best game you can play, and have yourself a wholesale flower filled day!

keep calm and carry your team

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