Non Traditional Flower Ideas

We two girls read alot of blogs about flowers, weddings, brides, etc. Recently, we came across a few non traditional ways to use flowers at a wedding and we liked them so much we thought we’d share!

Here are a few of our favorites!

1.  We live here in Florida and we LOVE our outdoor weddings. Sometimes though, the weather doesn’t cooperate and the last thing you want is your guests to sit in a puddle of sweat. Hand out fans for your guests to use during the ceremony and attach some flowers to make a pretty statement.

And dress them up with a few flowers to get the best of both worlds.

2. Using greenery in a big way is very popular. This wedding idea uses a calligraphed leaf as a place card!

calligraphed leaf place card

3. This wedding party in lieu of bouquets, carried a garland as a way to ‘connect’ the wedding party down the aisle.

Girl So Chic Toronto FLower Market

And last but not least, a cool topper for a traditional centerpiece look: A chic looking lampshade on top of a submerged flower cylinder design.

Everyone expects flowers at a wedding, but there are plenty of ways to use flowers that will give YOUR big day a special twist!

Now go out and have yourself a special Wholesale Flower-Filled day!

Show Me Da Flowers!

Yes.. It’s wedding season! And that means LOTS of wedding shows and opportunities to meet some of your local floral designers, see their flower creations, as well as, meet many other wedding vendors. All of them in one place!

Our recent ‘Party It Forward’ show was held at the lovely Quail Hollow in Wesley Chapel! We had lots of guests and brides-to-be come and check out their beautiful venue and visit our exclusive Party It Forward area to buy items from past hosts!

Brides N Blooms Designs smWe will  be getting another one off the ground this summer and will keep you abreast of the details. So stay tuned….

Coming up in a week we’ll be at the beautiful Beso Del Sol, Wedding on the Water Show! Sunday March 29th  from 1-5:00 pm. If you are looking for a venue with a spectacular view of the water, this is a great choice! We’ll be showcasing the popular fall color palette and an array of beautiful centerpieces, bouquets!

beso showBeso Del Sol is located just north of the downtown Dunedin area along Bayshore Blvd.

And last but certainly not least!! We will be at the Carrollwood Country Club Wedding show! Monday, April 27th from 6-9:00 PM! We will be showcasing some unique and popular wedding floral designs for you to come and see!

Carrollwood showThis venue is a hidden treasure in the North Tampa Area and well worth the visit! They are located at: 13903 Clubhouse Dr, Tampa, FL 33618

These are both smaller, more intimate shows…which we really like because we get to connect better with YOU! There’s more time to really talk with attendees and get a feel for what their needs, likes, and wants are!

We hope you’ll come and visit us at one of these two shows… or both! Say hi and let us know how we can become your personal connection to all things floral!

Now go out and have yourself a flower-filled, show stopping day!

5 Important Questions! Can You Answer Them?

We two girls meet a lot of potential clients. We network in vendor groups, we show our work at bridal shows and talk with a lot of brides. We introduce ourselves to different venues and establishments that would use our services and give out our cards in the hope that we are referred to YOU!

With all that we do, sometimes we have to ask ourselves….


We’ve attended many seminars and webinars on how to be the best vendor possible. With quick email response, texting if it is preferred and calling to set up appointments. We pride ourselves on having a fast response time to inquiries and giving excellent customer service no matter whether you have booked or are still in the planning stages.

We want to be your go-to flower company for both wholesale DIY girls and full service floral weddings/events. So! if you are reading this, we would LOVE your input! Simple answers are perfect! And if you are a past client, even better! Please,  let us know what worked for you. What made you choose us?

So, go ahead, email YOUR answers back! or text them…We’d love to hear from you!


1. Are you so inundated with wedding related email that you just get overwhelmed and don’t respond to any at all?

2. Would you be more likely to open an email if the subject line is interesting/funny/different?  Or from a vendor you remember?

3. If you have reached out to us with an inquiry and we replied with a question, would you be inclined to reply back?

4. If you inquire about our services and we respond asking for a telephone consultation or a meeting in order to get all the bridal information we need to give you a quote, would you be inclined to disregard the email?

5. Do you go to wedding shows mainly to just gather the names of vendors and check out their work and would rather them not contact you afterwards?

If you have any suggestions, please let us know! We want to hear from you! We are excited about what we do and we want to be the floral company to make your wedding flower dreams a reality!

Now go out and have yourself a fabulous, wholesale Flower Filled day!


Island Flowers

My husband and I took a cruise to a couple of the Caribbean Islands. Two of my favorite things about our visit was the endless blue green water… and the flowers! One of the islands we stopped at was St. Maarten. St. Maarten is a small island in the northern Lesser Antilles, east of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. The island is divided by 2 countries. The Dutch side, Sint Maarten, and the French side, Saint Martin. The north eastern side is on the Atlantic Ocean and the south western side is on the Caribbean Sea, which does effect the growth of different flowers and plants. Many of the same flowers we enjoy here in the Tampa Bay Area grow in St. Maarten, such as Lantana, Hibiscus & Oleander and they are everywhere! On a tour we learned that the island claims a National Tree which is  known as The Flame tree or the Royal Poinciana. It is originally from Madagascar and grows throughout the Caribbean.  The tree symbolizes emancipation and blooms from June to September with beautiful red, orange & yellow blossoms.

The July Tree

The island has mountains and lots of greenery. Though because of the dryness of the soil, the terrain is perfect for cactus and ferns. One of the more unusual cactus plants that grow on the island are called Ladies of the night” most probably because flowers open only after night fall and will close up at sunrise

Ladies of the night    night time flowering                                                                                                                               There were plenty of different cactus plants that lined the roads and they grew all over.

cactus & fern - st Maarten

One thing that cannot be denied about this Caribbean island, no matter the Dutch or the French side… it is a beautiful place to visit.

Great Bay

Now go out and have yourself a wholesale flower-filled, vacation kind of day!  

Flowers For Life’s Events

Last week there was a death in one of we 2 girls’ family. At the same time the other one of us was away enjoying a once in a lifetime trip with her family. One is so full of excited anticipation, wonderful adventure and days full of new experiences and fun. The other, so full of unwanted anticipation, nostalgia & sadness,  feelings of emptiness from loss, and the loving fullness of  bonding with family & friends. Both happening at the same time as it goes in life. Some experiencing great happiness and some living with great sorrow. Every day, somewhere, people experiencing an array of different life events.

We 2 girls have decided we would like to be a part of that! Events for the new beginnings and for the endings; As well as every one of life’s events in between. Brides N Blooms, Wholesale & Designs has supplied over the last year, wreath & casket designs for those who have lost a loved one, as well as, birthday arrangements, graduation flowers, Bar & Bat Mitzvah designs and shower gift flowers. Check out our new Life’s Events page addition on and see what we can do for YOUR next life event!

Here is a peek at our specialty wreath designs! This design can be done in any color scheme with a picture of your loved one, or choose one  of our casket spray designs.

Specialty Wreath Design

Specialty Wreath Design

This wreath can be brought back to your home and hung on your front door as your guests come to offer their condolences.

Casket Spray - white

Casket Spray – white

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Arrangement & Graduation Flowers

Blue Bar Mitzvah Flowers

Blue Bar Mitzvah Flowers

Fun Graduation Flowers in School Colors

Fun Graduation Flowers in School Colors

Now, go have yourself an Eventful, Wholesale Flower-Filled Day!


Party It Forward is HERE!

Party It Forward pic

Perhaps you’ve heard us mention Party It Forward in the past? Well… this next show is upon us this weekend!

We’re looking forward to a great turnout of guests, along with our wonderful vendors! We like to offer a more eclectic array of vendors, some that you might not expect at an event show, but with a little imagination and forward thinking, would be an awesome idea for either gifts, shower parties and day of event ideas.  Then, there is our one-of-a-kind “Party It Forward” area, with our sellers who have all kinds of useful, like-new and new event/wedding items for sale. Vases, Centerpieces, favors… all sorts of items for some lucky host and/or bride to gather inexpensively for their upcoming event.

party it forward concept

The Party It Forward Event is being held at the beautiful Quail Hollow, in Wesley Chapel.  We two girls have been hard at work to make this one of our best shows EVER! We will be showcasing new floral designs and some classic looks that never go out of style. Quail Hollow will open their beautiful location for  tours of the grounds, they are offering a mini lunch sampler, and special drink samples for sale.

Come on over, say hello, meet our array of vendors and sellers, spend some time with us and join the Party It Forward movement! We look forward to seeing YOU there!

Quail Hollow is located at:  6225 Old Pasco Road, Wesley Chapel. Event time is from: 12:00-3:00 pm. Entry fee: $5.00

Now go out and have yourself a wholesale flower-filled, Party It Forward day!




Center of Attention Blues

The Big Day! All the attention is focused on YOU! Any of us, secretly or overtly, likes to be the center of attention, at least once in awhile. (Although we have noticed there are some people that would be fine with that all the time!) Yes, we understand there was a lot of time spent planning and dreaming and then… it’s over, in an instant! But what does one do with  a case of the ‘post wedding let-down blues” ? How does  a newlywed couple who is feeling sad, cope with the fact that just a few weeks after the big event that was focused entirely on them, is now just looking at each other over a breakfast table, covered with a pile of thank you cards to fill out, and thinking, “I’m sad”!

Here are our thoughts on getting a grip, coping and the big picture:


Yes, everyone outwardly swears an aversion to wedding planning.  Truth is, deep down, you actually liked most it. You were the Big Kahoona  and Queen for a day in a setting that focused solely on you. You were waited on, flattered beyond normal and applauded with gifts. And now? The doting crowd has moved on to the next big thing.

The remedy: Remember that this is temporary. Other things will happen that will steer the focus back to you both. Anniversaries, children, better jobs, etc. and then once more life will soon return to normal. Drama all the time gets old, so learn to enjoy the quiet time.


Debt is annoying, no matter how big or small the amount.  No one looks forward to a financial burden that could follow you into the next decade if you’re not careful.  So, if you have a large amount of wedding debt, after the big event is over you might wake up and wonder…what the heck happened? Did we really spend more than what we had saved so that our friends could drink the bar dry and toast us with that champagne we also paid for? 

The remedy: Do some financial planning and budgeting before the wedding. The most overwhelming thing about debt is not having any idea or plan on how you will pay it back!  Keep in mind, this was your choice to share your big day with everyone you care about and who cares about you. Now hopefully, you both are responsible and have decent jobs. Hopefully, together you can agree on an amount per month to pay the weddingpalooza off. That will create a bond that reminds you both why it was decided on a big wedding rather than running off to the Elvis Chapel in Vegas.


So, the party’s over and you and your spouse are sitting around recounting all the things that didn’t go either as planned, expected, dreamed of, or just plain went awry. It could be as big as your outdoor expectations were rained out, to as minute a detail as, the ribbon on my wedding bouquet wasn’t ivory, it was champagne.  Though you both agree it was an amazing day, deep down you’re thinking… I really wish the flower girl and ring bearer had just behaved a little better while walking down the aisle, or that Mom didn’t burst into loud sobs every 5 seconds, or that the best man had not kept gawking your best friends single sister all night long.

The Remedy: Go into the bedroom and turn the lights down low.  Both of you look at each other. Wife, let the tears of disappointment run down your face and hug your new hubby. Conversely hubby, make sure your man-card is intact and don’t say anything you might be sorry for later, and comfort your wife.  Do this for exactly 2 minutes and then ask yourself the following questions:

ARE WE HAPPY? ARE WE GLAD WE’RE MARRIED? DID WE HAVE AN AWESOME TIME AT OUR WEDDINGPALOOZA?  If  the answers to those questions are a big fat yes, then you need to get a grip on your pity party and move on. Really. Let it go and embrace the fact that you, your family, your friends, and all your guests including the weird cousin on your wife’s side, to the middle aged uncle on your husband’s side who really needs to get past his Peter Pan complex had a great time.

Look at each other and admit it….We threw one heck of a fantastic wedding celebration!

In the end, you will always have things to laugh about, whine about, and wish you had done differently or exactly the same. Then there’s that yearly exercise in planning called an Anniversary. I know people that do those with a bang each year! (Heck, my parents are celebrating their 65th… that’s a lot of  parties!)  And I know people that simply share the moment with the realization that they still love each other as much as they did on that big day and are still the center of each other’s attention.


Now got out and have yourself a pity free, center of attention, wholesale flower filled day!

Etiquette and Credit

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and a slew of other social media sites have the ability to show off a vendor’s work, ideas and designs. Most companies post different status updates concerning work they’re doing or recently have finished. The wedding industry is very big on this strategy because it gives event vendors the opportunity to show what we can do to a large audience. The positives are getting your company’s name out and giving people who might not have otherwise even known that  your company exists, a chance to see what you can do. It connects you with past, current, and future clients,  as well as, giving you, the vendor, the opportunity to toot your own horn a bit.

But… what to do if pictures or intellectual property that are yours are not being credited to you?  Or are posted to a different vendor’s page? It is not just social media etiquette that suggests one ALWAYS credit work to its proper source, it is a workplace ethic that has been around for a long time.  Forbe’s magazine noted in one of its blogs ( ) that “one of the most important things you can do to protect your career and career advancement is to stand up for yourself when someone takes credit for your ideas or your work”.  I would say this does extend to social media as well.  If, a wedding photographer, or a floral and/or decor designer’s work is being shown on a venue’s facebook page there should always be, at the very least, a mention or link to whatever business supplied the items being shown.  If a client or user comments on that picture, it would only be fair to acknowledge the vendor whose work is being showcased.  A thank you is nice and polite, but does not give the vendor the credit that is due them.

Putting it simply, particularly on social media sites, if you are a venue or vendor, showcasing a photo of an event,  and that photo  includes another vendor’s work and not your own, let people know.

Taking credit for someone else’s work is tantamount to theft!

One  way we have found to remedy that situation is to include a logo on pictures that Brides N Blooms Designs  may post on either Facebook or Pinterest.  Understandably, sometimes that is not possible, especially  if a client or friend posted the picture that has your work in it.  I personally see nothing wrong as the vendor, going into the comment section and thanking that person for their review/comment. Keep this in mind as well, No photos should ever be posted of an impending event, prior to the hosts’ arrival! You may be REALLY excited about your work, but, hold off on posting it for everyone to see until the most important people see it live! It’s all about the drama of the moment, especially for the Bride and Groom, why spoil that for them. Why should “Mary in Portland” get to see the beautiful room before the actual bride in Florida? Joseph Grenny, said in a post on,  “ Manners will catch up with technology when the silent learn to speak”.  While it would be nice if people always did the right thing, a gentle reminder now and again isn’t a bad thing either. Now go and have yourself a polite wholesale fresh flower day!

Wedding vendors-Price vs. Service

We all have heard the adage you get what you pay for.  Have you thought about what it is you really want to pay for?

I would venture to say that in any given situation when purchasing an item, most of us base our decision on price. We can live without great service if it’s something we really want, though truthfully we really remember and enjoy the buying experience more when the service is above average.

When planning a wedding, where everything you purchase is so emotionally significant, I really believe that price should be secondary to service. You can search by price for a vendor’s services, but if they don’t show up on time, or the quality is less than you expect, that’s what you will always remember.

I believe there are three key things to remember about picking a vendor for your wedding or party:

1. Make sure your vendor really understands your vision and needs. It’s okay to have a budget, but be realistic about what your budget will get you and really trust that your vendor is committed to giving you the best services, and items your budget will afford you.

2. Get it in writing. A contract, though scary to some, is both your best friend and protection. It is a written understanding of everything your vendor will do for you, that they guarantee they will deliver the items agreed upon and you agree to the terms of the contract. No matter how many times you may need to change something, make sure it all ends up on the contract, and is noted by both you and the vendor.

3. If it seems like a deal too good to be true, it probably IS. There are unscrupulous vendors that could take your money and not deliver, or promise much bigger than what they deliver. The best ‘deal’ is a vendor with positive reviews to their credit or were referred and not necessarily the lowest cost option.

Remember that price is only part of your package. Quality and service is the one part of your package that you will remember.

Now go and have yourself a Quality wholesale fresh flower day!!!

Our last showcase for the year, 2013

For those of you who long to see, smell and feel the beautiful flowers that Bridesnblooms Wholesale and Design bring in…You’re in luck. Sunday, 10/13/13 will be our last showcase of the year… We have some incredible designer flowers that we are bringing to our table, some and see what kind of designs we’ve come up with to tickle your fancy.
We encourage you to come on by, it’s a FANTASTIC show filled with AMAZING event professionals. The entrance fee is only $3.00.

Big Event Shows   ***This is a photo from the last Coliseum show we participated in***
The Coliseum
535 4th Ave North
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Noon – 4 pm

Coliseum Show

We hope to see you on Sunday, now, go, and have yourself a wholesale flower filled day!!!