A Bride Finds Money… Fairy Tales Can Come True

What a great headline, right? It grabs you and you want to know more, don’t you? Who was she, where was she, how did she find it, where did she find it and what did she do with it.

As all good stories do, this one starts with… Once upon a time… there was a little bride. It seems that this particular bride had gone to multiple traditional florists, one by one, with all her photos and all her ideas, but the poor little bride kept getting sadder and sadder. Not one of them could make just what she wanted, for just the right price.

sad brideFinally, a friend of the little bride asked her if she had called Brides N Blooms, Wholesale and Designs, in Tampa.  She shook her head sadly and said that she had never heard of them.  Can she book an appointment? Can she show them all her photos and all her ideas? Would they be able make her dreams come true? Where were they located so she could go and find them!

No, her friend said, you can’t find their “shop”, because they don’t have one! But, they will meet you somewhere that is convenient for you. So, the sad little bride called Bride N Blooms, Wholesale & Designs at 813-852-2052 and booked an appointment.

Ellen & Dorelle met the hopeful little bride, smiled at her sweetly, and listened to her as she sadly recounted all the huge numbers that she had been quoted. They asked her quite simply, what was the most important aspect of her floral dream? And what price would make her the most happy?

Then the girls from Brides N Blooms, Wholesale and Designs got to work on the little bride’s quote. They cut a little here, added a little there and they worked and reworked, until it was just right!

When the little bride got her quote she was amazed… how could it be? It was less than the lowest quote she had gotten from all the others.  Ellen & Dorelle had said, “Brides N Blooms, Wholesale and Designs has the word Wholesale as our middle name, so, you get to save money on your flowers!  Plus, we don’t have a “shop” so you don’t have to help us pay for our overhead and best of all, we promise your flowers will be fresh from the farms and designed to shine in your arms.”

happy brideThe little bride was no longer sad, she was very happy. She found extra money to spend on her honeymoon, got her flowers just right and had everything she wanted for her big day!

Then she lived happily ever after.

The End!

*now* go have a happy, fairy tale flower filled day!

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