We’d like to talk about time. Especially for those who are thinking there’s plenty of it.

Think about it … as of right now, how much ‘spare’ time do you have in any given week?


Between work & household demands, possibly children and/or pets, and all the day to day things that get in front of you when you least expect it, how much time do you really have to devote to planning a big event like a wedding or party? 2 hours a week? 3 if you’re lucky? Now put that together with the fact that you have at least 5 major vendors (venue, caterer, dj, flowers & cake) to contact, meet with, narrow down choices and contract with. Then include finding either a wedding gown and/or fancy dress, suits, shoes, for yourself and possibly additional family members or friends. And what about all the smaller items, but no less important ones such as invitations, specialty linens if you’re choosing to have them, favors, hair appointments and a million other little things that you may need to acquire and/or do?

Now… think again. How much time do you really have?


It’s less than you think.

And what’s more, in many cases during all that time you thought you had before really getting down to business with your planning & search, those vendors you want, will have booked up before you ever started your interview process. So now you’re left scrambling! Or it’s so close to your date that the items you wanted/needed to get have to be substituted for a second choice because the things you REALLY wanted are  no longer available.

We two girls can tell you…the worst feeling when trying to plan a big event, is that of feeling pressured. The best feeling is knowing that you’ve got a plan of action, a time frame in which to do everything and the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve gotten everything done with time to spare.

So, how much time do you think you have in which to put everything in place for your big day?  Not as much as you think.  How early should you start planning for your event? Start now!

Now plan some time for a wholesale flower filled day!

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