Thankfulness and Other Things…

This week’s blog is about being Thankful. We 2 girls have lots of things that we are thankful for. If I were to list them in order it might go something like this:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Good health
  • Enough for shelter, food & safety

We have a list of those things we’re thankful for, but…. sometimes give us a few headaches along the way:

  • Children
  • A business that we own
  • Husbands (with selective hearing)
  • Mother’s who are alive and well, but sometimes want to help a little TOO much

Then there’s that list of things, we’re thankful for and yet…

  • Did I mention children?
  • Overly nervous or indecisive clients
  • Quickbooks & Excel
  • Vendors, salespeople, suppliers who just don’t get it…

And then… there’s THAT list… the one we keep in a dark, hidden place. We’re  thankful, but it’s just too scary to contemplate why:

  • We 2 girls actually still LIKE each other!
  • Our husbands actually still LIKE us!
  • We have minds that still work… well… sometimes. Okay, when the gremlins haven’t invaded and moved things that we know we put right THERE……
  • Skype. So we can call to each other pretty much every minute of every day that we’re NOT together.

Remember, it’s that time of year to be thankful for what you have… even if it doesn’t seem like something you should be. They are all part of life and usually end up being the stories that MAKE life so interesting.  Be mindful to keep those important ones in plain sight. Even when times get rough…. even when the gremlins attack.


No go out and have yourself a thankful, wholesale flower-filled day!


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