Resolutions, or should I say Goals!

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream





Its a New Year… that means Resolutions!!

I like to think of them more as goals. Somehow it seems easier to reach, easier to start….  and hopefully actually achieve.  That achieving part… that seems to be the sticky point. All those good intentions when you start, sometimes just seem to end up in the ‘well that was a good idea while it lasted’ bin and then you never quite get the ‘umph’ up to resume them.

I found one way to keep the momentum going on some of my goal setting; One of the things I’ve learned NOT to do, is bite off more than I can chew. Though to be honest there are times where I just whine like a child  and mutter about how not happy I am that things aren’t happening fast enough.

Goals are a good thing. Goals that are way out past what may be achievable may not be so good.

I would like to grow our business this year. Thats a goal. How much? Well, I think a reasonable goal is double. How will I do that? The 1st step, make a list, check off each step, and hold myself accountable.

How much weight would I like to lose? 20 lbs. A reasonable goal? No!! 5 lbs? 10 lbs? I think that is a more reasonable goal.

I would like to give more charity… it makes me feel good to do that. Brides N Blooms Wholesale gives flowers away on a regular basis to a local adult facility and to the company “Random Acts of Flowers”, but I would like to give more personally too!

Are there other goals/resolutions I would like to make? Sure!! But lets take things one step at a time and not to fly out of the gate so fast. I think those three goals are a good enough start for me! Now lets get crackin!

Random Acts of Flowers Thank You to Brides N Blooms, Wholesale Division

Don't forget you are what you eat...





Now go out and have yourself a flower filled, goal oriented day!

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