Secret Ingredient…

Sometimes I think I am so lucky…. I have a job where I get to work with my great friend Dorelle! I get to work with pretty flowers! I get to create artistic things and usually we are working on something happy and full of joy. Best of all though, we get to meet lots of people!

I have always been an artist and I’ve worked in many mediums. (Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, flowers are a medium). When left to my own devices I like to try something new or put colors and flowers together in fun patterns!  As consultants though, it is our job to listen to what our client wants and make that vision a reality. Give us a picture and we can make that happen. Explain your vision and we will work hard to bring that picture in your head to life.

Occasionally, there is the  client who really doesn’t know what they want and has absolutely no vision for their big day.  Sometimes we have the DIY client, who calls our Wholesale division and needs some guidance.  That is where Dorelle excels. She is the idea girl. If someone who calls needs some help, she will spend the time helping them bring their vision together. In our Design division I am sure that is why we work together so well. Whatever she dreams up, I will try!

Our families and friends have said we should be in a TV reality show because we play off each other so well. I’m not sure how entertaining for the masses that would be, but for us when working on a project it certainly makes the day more enjoyable. I know it is clear to our clients that we love what we do and we like working together.  Flowers, Friends & Fun. I think those are our secret ingredients and is there a better way to work than that?

Some fun floral designs:

Ellen & Dorelle

Friends & Business Partners!

Friends & Business Partners!