It’s all in the details!

Everyone is looking for a way to stand out, be remembered, or be envied on their wedding day. Yes, you look beautiful (but, so do most brides), Yes, the place is great (but, how many others have been married here just this year?). So, what’s a bride to do? Everything is in the details. What can you do to stand apart?

My suggestion? contact Cafe ala Carte! 

More and more weddings are going the way of dessert receptions and what better match is there to decadent desserts than amazing, fresh brewed coffees? We’re not talking Folgers here, we’re talking, Lattes, cappuccinos, flavored coffees, and for the kids…hot chocolate. MMMM I can smell it now…

Cafe ala Carte will come self contained to your event, regardless of what type of event it is. Give them electricity and they are good to go. They are a professional company with an air of sophistication.

Go ahead, stand out from the rest, be the envy of all your guests, and have the best dang cup of coffee that you have ever had!

Have a flower filled day, and a great cup of coffee!!!

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