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I know that I have been lax in updating my blog, I promise to work harder at getting relevant info to you in a timely manner. That being said, I found this wonderful article, and though I have written about this particular vendor before, not all of you have been followers for a long time.

The article was found on a site called “Think like a bride.com”

I hope you like it, I know I did!


I have built a reputation of being pretty spot on in terms of trend tracking, well here is the next one. I rarely take on clients for full on marketing campaigns anymore, but this one was too hot to pass up. I want you, my faithful readers to be ahead of the curve. In the coming months, your brides are going to be asking you about My Flip Wedding. What, you ask, is a Flip Wedding? It is the brain child of the wonderful folks at Storymix Media and it is a way for brides and grooms to capture the memories of their wedding (before and beyond) in a DIY way with amazing results. Storymix Media will rent the simple to use little Flip cameras as a package, your bride then gets them into the hands of the people who know her best, her friends and family. Once they have filmed the bits and pieces of the big day from their unique point of view, the cameras are packed up and sent back to Storymix Media. They upload the footage and then the bride can use their easy-peasy storyboard editing system to pick the scenes, the theme and the music. The Apple Certified Pros at Storymix then edit them into a wonderful highlight reel. Videographers, don’t panic. This isn’t to replace you, this is in addition to you. I think, even cooler than couples using it for their wedding are all the other applications I am seeing. Grooms are using them for their bachelor party, brides are capturing their shower and girls day. Couples are taking them on their honeymoon. The possibilities are endless. You see the thing is, sometimes your best friends and family see things that you (and your videographer) miss. It is like getting to be a guest at your wedding. You can find out more in today’s press release.  Next month, OffBeat Bride is doing a feature on My Flip Wedding. Here is another heads up. I am seeing some copy-cats start to climb out of the wood work.

Don’t go there. Mike and Ariane at Storymix Media have been doing this since 2006 for pros and consumers alike. The new part is that now they have launched a wedding division specifically for the bridal market. Trust me, the team at Storymix Media knows what they are doing. For the record, no this isn’t a sponsored post but they are a client of mine.

Now, go and have a wholesale flower filled day!

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