This too shall pass…

Planning for an event is probably one of the most stressful times in anyone’s life, and most certainly some days are more of a trial than others. In all it is always handy to remember two things:

1. Everything does not always go as planned and this too shall pass.         2. There is always a silver lining and/or a reason, though we may not know what it is at the time.

In the scheme of pretty much all events and weddings, most hosts or brides really cannot (or do not) envision things not going the way they planned. There are some people who micro manage every little detail which makes their life wayyy more complicated. My personal feeling is if you cannot trust the vendors you are hiring to do their job to the best of their ability,  and as close to your vision as possible, then you will end up missing out on all the fun and anticipation of looking forward to your big event.

I’m here to tell you it is rare that a large event of any kind goes without a hiccup. At my wedding a groomsman fainted, and buckets of torrential rain fell from the sky, nixing my outdoor venue completely. We had a mad, last minute scramble to make things work inside.  At my daughter’s wedding, it seemed nothing went smoothly or as planned.  Beforehand, she ended up having only one hour to do her hair, nails, makeup and  get  dressed. Then along the way to her venue there was a huge traffic jam. So to say the least, it was an adventure in crazy mother driving and I’m still amazed we actually made it on time and without incident.

There will be times that family interferes more than you would like, Or friends tell you what they think and, no matter how accommodating you want to be, it just doesn’t feel right to you! There’s the occasional change of vendor because of various reasons and the stress of will I lose weight, gain weight, find the right dress or shoes, will I have enough money to pay for what I want, and of course, the big will everything be exactly as I dreamed it will be.

No matter what happens before and during your wedding/event you might want to keep an open mind and try not to hold on to the negative.  Everything that doesn’t go right, gets to be a story told and retold.  Sometimes the things that happen unexpectedly bring you closer together with family and friends. Sometimes they are excruciatingly funny, though not at the time, but looking back. (My brother to this day is still teased about his fall at my wedding and it actually has become a family ‘tradition’ to fall down at some time during a family wedding. )

No matter what… keep this in mind. Yes, it’s a big day and something long planned for, but in the scheme of things, it’s just one day, one event, one moment, in hopefully a long line of well lived and cherished moments. Let go and enjoy it.

Rained out wedding

Rained out wedding

Now go and have a much deserved wholesale flower filled day!