New Years Resolutions… Gone Wrong.

Okay.. It’s 2015…. Time once again to ring in a New Year!

Invariably though, with that, someone, somewhere, sometime brings up that nasty little word…  Yes, you know the one…


We 2 girls believe this year, rather than try to rehash the same old resolutions or recycle the ones that we’ve never really been successful at keeping, that maybe it’s time for a new set of resolutions. Ones that aren’t so scary, or impossible to follow through on. Maybe even ones that just might work for us and that we could (and I use that word loosely) keep for more than a week.

So, on that note… here are our 5 top Resolutions for the New Year:

1.  We will no longer sit in our respective living rooms at our computers, working from home in our jammies… Instead, we will move our computers into the bedroom.

2.  We will try to figure out if we really need like 10 email addresses…apiece…And if not, then treat the non essential ones with the same urgency as the US postal service treats our snail mail.

3.  Eat more nice things like chocolate, chips and ice cream. Eat less stuff that really tastes like crap, but you eat it because it’s supposedly good for you…like flax-seed, kale and soy nuts.

4.  Start buying lottery tickets at a luckier store.

And the most important New Years Resolution…

5.  We 2 girls will try to keep to a minimum sending e-mails, Skype-ing, Instant Messaging and being on the phone with each other… all at the same time.

Now go out and have yourself a happy, wholesale, flower-filled, 2015!

Winter Wonderland Weddings

While most people right now are concentrating on Christmas Reds & Greens…. its really the December Blues & Silvers that are hot this year. Or maybe I should say.. really cool?? In either case, it is a VERY popular look this winter. The blue tones range from a greenish blue Turquoise all the way to a beautiful deep Royal Blue. Silver and White is a beautiful counterpoint to that rich color, however, sometimes adding just a small pop of a contrast color can make a world of difference!

Weddings in various shades of Blue and Silver are a beautiful color combination, which we’ve seen in lots of pictures splashed all over Pinterest and various wedding sites. Adding a pop of any alternating color however, takes it to a new level. Take a peek:

Beautiful.                  Tiffany Blue with white & pale pink

                                    Ice Blue with dots of white & yellow (picture by Bellz & Whistlez blog)

eucalyptus-wedding-004                                              Royal blue and green is also a great choice! (Photo by Bella Grace Studios)

With a winter wonderland  theme for a December wedding, throw in a dot of bright red here and there. Adding gold along with silver gives everything a beautiful sparkle!

                 Deep blues and purples make for a rich looking reception! (

Creating a sensational, eye grabbing look with color and sparkle is sure to make your Winter wedding a wonderland to be remembered for years to come.

Now go out and have yourself a sparkly winter wonderland,wholesale flower-filled day!