Behind The Scenes

So! It’s that time of year here in Florida. It’s time for weddings… lot’s of them. All over the Tampa Bay Area.

We’ve had our fair share too and I thought it might be fun to share some of the funny and touching things that happened behind the scenes during a few of the events we’ve done design work for recently.

We had a delivery to a hotel down in St. Pete recently. I was a nervous wreck about this one because I had heard from the bride that the pillars we were putting some tall pieces on have a small rise in the center that comes to a point. All I could imagine was these pieces tumbling backwards off the pillars if a sudden wind came up. (It can be the constant nightmare of  an event florist that something unlikely could happen after you set up). The whole day before was spent making these pieces look so pretty and just right. When we got there to deliver, the first thing we did is run up to a pillar and look. After which we both started laughing and saying to each other.. YAY! this is no problem whatsoever! There was a rise of maybe one inch in the center, not enough to create an imbalance with the flat bottomed pieces we had made. And it looked beautiful!

Brides N Blooms, Designs

We work with the Yacht Starship in Tampa on a regular basis. We really love this venue. They have two ships, one that holds approximately 100 people and one that holds approximately 600 people.  We’ve done many events at this venue over the last few years.  This particular wedding, was for a young lady who’s mother had recently and suddenly become very ill. Bedridden and in a full time care facility, she could not be there to watch her daughter walk down the aisle. The family did an amazing job of making sure there would be a video feed so her Mom could see the wedding, and bought a lovely dress for her to wear.  They wanted her to wear a corsage as well. It was the corsage delivery that was so bitter sweet. Now I have a daughter who was married some years back. I know what it feels like to be a ‘Mother of the Bride’. I cannot fathom how this would be if I had to trade places even for one moment with this young lady’s mother…but there I was in her room, talking with the nurses and figuring out how to make sure all went well. After we got everything organized I took a picture to send to the bride so she could see her mom with the corsage before the ceremony. It seemed so surreal to me to discussing things with everyone in the room, but not having direct conversation with the most important person in that room! I leaned in to say to her mom how beautiful everything was and congratulations. All she could do was mouth thank you. I left that room with tears in my eyes.

Brides N Blooms Designs

The other wedding on the boat… now that was a challenge! The bride wanted a garland hung from the mast of the ship. I am all of 5 ft. tall. The mast is about 8 ft. high. So there I am, up on a step ladder, working like the dickens to get this garland of flowers up and fastened.  I have flowers in my hands, waterpicks in my pocket, zipties in my mouth and Brides N Blooms other half  looking up from below, helplessly hoping she can assist me at the very least, from not falling backwards off the step ladder! Looking back now, it was pretty amusing, but at the time, We were praying to every deity in the universe to make this garland hold and look pretty!! (We think it turned out very well, don’t you?)

Brides N Blooms, Designs - Yacht Starship wedding

The last one is the one that became an odyssey. We had a dinner we had to create 50 identical centerpieces for. Doesn’t sound like it should be hard, and really it’s not, but after about 20 were done…. well, we started wondering if we’d ever be done. By the time 40 of them were finished it was slap happy, giggly time,and thinking this was the never ending design challenge. By 50, our cold storage room was a sea of hydrangea, but…. we were finished!! And they looked awesome!  We love it when a plan comes together, even if it takes longer than expected.

Brides N Blooms - Eight Over 80

Sometimes when we are working silly things happen. Sometimes when we are working difficulties arise. Always though, when we’re working, we two girls are very happy we do what we do.

Now go out and have yourself a silly and sweet, wholesale, flower-filled day.

Vendors Are People Too!

We are two girls from Brides N Blooms and we are vendors. We admit it freely, and as such, it is our ‘job’ to be there to answer your calls and emails. It is our pleasure to help you decide what is going to work for you in terms of flowers and it is our choice to go that extra mile for you. Now, even though a client may not think of us as such, (especially when they are caught up in their own world of planning or last minute nervousness), we are actually just plain people with our own lives. We have bills, worries, problems, responsibilities, household chores and all the rest that most everyone has.

As things go with both us girls, we basically have simple needs: coffee/tea, a shower, internet service, a car, a phone, a meal now and again and just maybe, some sleep… and we can usually meet most of our own needs. There is one thing though that we would really appreciate from others;

We would like some understanding and common courtesy.

It takes time to work on all the little details you want us to research for you, to get pictures that best describe what we are doing for you, to go back and forth with emails or talk with you either in person or on the phone. It takes time to write up those quotes. No matter whether it is the 1st quote or the 4th, they all take time. And yes, all of this is part of our ‘job’, but it is time that we give and do not get paid for. We understand and accept this part of what we do. There is no question that if we’re asked to help, we will, willingly, genuinely, & whole heartedly do so in any way we can. So, really, we don’t think that we’re asking for a lot in return. Just a simple “Thank-you” can make all the difference in the world. If you choose not to use us as your vendor, that’s really OK, but, If we have spent multiple hours, going over what you might want or need, easing over the worry spots, helping you make decisions that you had no idea you had to make, then creating those quotes, at least, if nothing else, let us know that you’ve decided to not go forward with us. Call or email and tell us “I’m sorry” I’ve decided to go with someone else. We won’t be mad, or upset. If you say “Thank-you” for spending all those hours with me, and I appreciate your time, or I know that your time is valuable, we will be more than okay with that. We’d feel that at least you valued our service and the time devoted to you.

Everyone who is in a job or position to serve the public is also a living, breathing, human being and  it is NOT OK treat them, or anyone for that matter, poorly, or discourteously. In our opinion it is also not kind to ignore people. If something isn’t right, it’s okay to step up and say something, but please, say it with grace, say it with a constructive edge, say it with kindness. It could be simply that the other person just didn’t understand what you really wanted or needed.

And just to be clear about us vendors in general, our time is as valuable as anyone else’s. If you really aren’t sure you are going to use or need our services, let us know that from the outset. We’ll still help you every bit as much as we can. On the other hand, it’s not fair to call at the last minute, beg for help, and then just forget that we jumped through hoops to get you what you wanted. If you’ve changed your mind, that’s okay, but you should know we care about you, we even worry about your issue and it’s important to us that your event is every bit as wonderful as you hope it will be.

So I ask… be courteous and say thank- you, no matter what the outcome or decision. Those two little words go a long way. We believe it is a common courtesy, something that our parents used to teach us was important. (Though what has happened to our society that we have forgotten it, is something I just don’t understand.)

Please, the next time you make that call, remember to be kind. That vendor/service personnel on the other end of the phone is a Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Husband, Wife,  Aunt, Uncle, Grandmother, Grandfather, Friend, Confidant, to someone in this world…A real live human being with value and feelings, who is ready and willing to help you

*now, Thank- you for reading this blog! Go, have yourself a caring, loving, wholesale flower filled day!