Custom designed gown sketch

Hi everyone!

I have another fantastic vendor to introduce you to. I bet, unless you are a celebrity or a very high end bride, that you thought you couldn’t have a custom sketch of your wedding gown. That’s right, a true artist, skilled in fashion design will sketch out your gown, just for you!

What an amazing keepsake for you! You may not wind up keeping your actual gown, but, for all eternity, you will have a sketch of the gown you wore.

Is that not totally cool?

Here’s what Heather needs from you…

-Pictures of your dress-you can email or if you only have hard copies you can mail them
Any specific details you would like to focus on (if this is beadwork you must make sure it is clear in the pictures)
-She will also do a front view or a back view, or can do both for an extra fee
-You should allow 2-3 weeks for the sketch to be completed and in the mail to you (so if this is a gift, please contact Heather at least a month in advance)
What you will receive :

-Either an 8×10 or an 11×13 picture of your sketch

Please Note: Heather’s sketches are an artistic interpretation of your dress as she sees it…..It will not be an exact replica.

You can reach Heather and check out some of her other masterpieces on her website.

So, go ahead, have your gown sketched and have a wholesale flower filled day!