Not Just The Flowers

So, we two girls love new and fun ideas for events…. and not just for flowers! Here’s a couple of ideas we just LOVE!

Sophisticated wedding reception games

Games can be an easy way to entertain guests and have them break the ice with people they don’t know yet! Popular picks include “I Spy”, wedding guest bingo, and Mad Libs, and the “Icebreakers” game. These games can be done during the wedding reception with more class than childishness. Print them or have them hand calligraphied on pretty stationery and according to your wedding theme. Sit back and watch your guests really enjoy the evening and make new friends.

A DIY Dessert Bar

Almost all of your wedding is planned to a T, so why not leave some parts up to the creativity of your guests? Give your guests the ingredients to put together their own tasty treats! Some easy ideas might include a custom ice cream sandwich bar or a gourmet s’mores assembly station. A candy table with everything to make their own candy/cookie sandwiches. Can you say, YUM!!

A special drink tasting or pairing

Liquor is always a great way to get people more social! Why not add a bit of a twist to make it more interesting? Have an expert bartender hold a tasting or pairing for your guests at your reception. Have a Wine or Scotch and chocolate pairing, or Wine & Cheese pairing. Even a specialty beer tasting for all your micro brew aficionado friends.

Older flower girls

Enlist your grandmas to be your flower girls.

Enlist your Grandmothers, Great Aunts or Mom’s Closest Friends as your flower girls! Not only will that make them feel special, it will create a memorable experience for them, for you and for all your guests!

Love story aisle runner

It doesn't even have to incorporate photos.Incorporate your love story into the aisle runner.

hand write your love story timeline on an a long roll of chalk paper. Or use photo’s to show your journey together.

Any one of these ideas can make your day even more memorable for both you and your guests! Now go out and have yourself a fun-filled, memorable, wholesale flower-filled day!

Bad Jokes

It’s wedding season. Everyone is busy, stressed and tired.  As we two girls were surrounded by a sea of flowers, we were overcome by a laughing fit. You know the kind…. where you know what your are laughing about is just ridiculously inane and yet, you cannot stop.

What was this uncontrollable fit all about? Bad jokes… really bad flower jokes. Now let’s face it, sometimes all you need to make a long day better is a really corny joke and, of course, a can you top this really bad joke contest is even better.

Here are a few that made us laugh:

  • If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?  Pilgrims.
  • Which flower is a troublemaker? A dis-aster   
  • What do you get when you plant kisses? Tulips
  • Why couldn’t the gardener plant any flowers? He hadn’t botany.
  • What do you call a country that drives only pink cars? A pink car-nation.
  • If you aren’t friends, what you are? Anemones
  • What did the lawyer say to the judge? Iris my case!
  • What did the old flower say to the younger flower? What’s up, bud?

Two friars are having trouble paying off the belfry, so they open a florist shop.
Everyone wants to buy flowers from the men of God so business is quickly booming.
The florist across town sees a huge drop in sales and asks the two friars to close their shop,
but they refuse.
A month later the florist begs the friars to close because he’s having trouble feeding his family.
Again, they refuse, so the florist hires Hugh McTaggert.
Hugh is the roughest, toughest thug in town and is hired to “persuade” the friars to close.
Hugh asks the friars to close their florist shop.
When they refuse, he threatens to beat them and wreck their shop every day they remain open, so they close.
This proves once again that Hugh and only Hugh can prevent florist friars. 

A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill 
except for learning how to grow in rows.

And we two girls who love our husbands, still giggled at this one:

Grow your own dope……..Plant a man 

Now go out and have a joke-filled, belly laugh, wholesale flower-filled day!

Non Traditional Flower Ideas

We two girls read alot of blogs about flowers, weddings, brides, etc. Recently, we came across a few non traditional ways to use flowers at a wedding and we liked them so much we thought we’d share!

Here are a few of our favorites!

1.  We live here in Florida and we LOVE our outdoor weddings. Sometimes though, the weather doesn’t cooperate and the last thing you want is your guests to sit in a puddle of sweat. Hand out fans for your guests to use during the ceremony and attach some flowers to make a pretty statement.

And dress them up with a few flowers to get the best of both worlds.

2. Using greenery in a big way is very popular. This wedding idea uses a calligraphed leaf as a place card!

calligraphed leaf place card

3. This wedding party in lieu of bouquets, carried a garland as a way to ‘connect’ the wedding party down the aisle.

Girl So Chic Toronto FLower Market

And last but not least, a cool topper for a traditional centerpiece look: A chic looking lampshade on top of a submerged flower cylinder design.

Everyone expects flowers at a wedding, but there are plenty of ways to use flowers that will give YOUR big day a special twist!

Now go out and have yourself a special Wholesale Flower-Filled day!