5 Tips For Beautiful Wedding Flowers

We two girls at Brides N Blooms Wholesale and Designs want you to know that we care about our customers.

This is not to say that other “florists” do not, but, we become VERY invested in ours. We care enough to tell you that a particular design may not work well, or that a comparable look can be created with different flowers to save you money, but, will give you the same “feel”.

Below you will find some tips that we would like to share with you.

  • Look at the big picture:

If you chose a venue with a great view, don’t obstruct it with tall centerpieces, you’re paying for the view. On the other hand, if the location is stark, with no windows, open up the room with designs of high and low. This gives your guest’s eyes several places to look for beauty.

  • Double duty flowers:

Bouquet in Eiffel Tower vase

If you want to save money, why not reuse some of your bridal party flowers?

Your bouquet can be placed in a beautiful vase, on your table, and the bridesmaid’s bouquets can be placed on other guest tables. Have the alter flowers used on the buffet table or on columns at the entry to the reception area.

  • Don’t limit yourself to a singular color:

Lots of brides want to match the flowers to the bridesmaid’s dresses, if you do this, when you look at your photos later on, you will not really see the bouquets at all, they will be blending in with the dresses. Try and use a complimentary color along with the dress color, this will help your photos to pop.

  • Size and shape of bouquets:

We all see beautiful bouquets in magazines & Pinterest, but, when you choose your bouquet, make sure to remember your height, & your dress style. Most girls are not 6ft. tall, and wearing haute’ couture dresses. If you are an average size or shorter, and you are wearing a fitted gown, try and envision yourself carrying a bouquet that will help to show off your lovely figure AND beautiful wedding gown. You are the star of the show…the flowers should enhance your look, not hide you.

  • Table size and design:

Try and think of your flowers as jewelry for your tables. If the table is small, you will want to adorn with smaller styles. If your tables are large, you will want to have a larger design. Large doesn’t have to be tall or expensive, just simply larger than what you would place on a more intimate table

Now go on and have yourself a wholesale fresh flower designer day!

We Love A Wedding Show!

We two girls love a good wedding show! Two weeks ago, the wedding show we participated in was held at the beautiful Beso Del Sol venue in Dunedin, Florida, It was a smaller boutique style show with a great selection of vendors from all over the Tampa Bay area. For us, it is so much fun to meet new vendors, talk to potential clients and see old friends.  The smaller shows like this one have a charm all their own. We really have the opportunity to connect and talk with each person that walks by our table.

One of the highlights of this show was the wonderful fashion show for which we had the honor of  supplying bouquets for the runway models to carry. Here’s a peek at some of the beautiful designs that were shown:

BdS -147

BdS -146

BdS -133

The following week we were at a larger more established wedding show. This big show is The Tampa Bay Bridal Show which was held at the Coliseum in St. Petersburg, FL. This show has a large array of vendors and is always well attended. It’s fun to walk around and see all the different vendors, both event related and not, who are a part of this show. As apposed to the smaller shows, where there is time to chat with each attendee that stops at your booth, this show is fast and furious. It seemed like we talked to a new bride or set of parents every other minute. It’s exhilarating and fun for sure! The only drawback is there is little time to really connect with each and every person that stops by and have the time to discuss their needs at length.

This kind of show can be overwhelming for an attendee, there is so much information given that it all becomes a blur after awhile. Hopefully, we left enough of an impression for people to remember us!

Here are some of the floral designs we created and showcased at this show!

Brides N Blooms, Wholesale & Designs, Cigar Box Designs

Brides N Blooms, Wholesale & Designs, Flower Tablescape Design

Brides N Blooms, Wholesale & Designs, Ice Cream Float Design

Brides N Blooms, Wholesale & Designs,Glass  & Flowers Tall

The bottom line is, every show is different. Big or small, our goal is to meet and interact with new people, talk about Brides N Blooms, Wholesale & Designs and the floral services we offer, as well as,  increase our presence in the Tampa Bay vendor community.  Most importantly, we strive to give attendees a taste of what our design team can do with the beautiful flowers  our company can provide for your big event!

Now, go out and have yourself a wholesale flower-filled day!