Thanks & Giving

Since next week is Thankgiving, instead of blogging we’ll be stuffing ourselves silly with all the lovely treats we’re all so fond of for this holiday’s dinner. I would like to give a shout out and some thanks to all of our friends, colleagues, clients and family who honor us with their love and support.

So… to “give” first! Dorelle & I give our highest praise to all the wonderful people that have helped us get to where we are today. Our families (who have sacrificed much for our crazy business), our collegues who continue to refer and support us. Our friends… because where would we be without them!!

Now… the ‘thanks!” In particular Corey Miller of Corey’s Bakery, Melissa Marolla Brown with Calligraphia, Lindy Long (Lindt Chocolates), Jennifer Fuller Cummins with Melt Away Message,  Beth with Honeymoons & Beyond Travel, Eric Abril & Jill Manthey from Yacht Starship, Jennifer Sanschagrin at 1930 Grande Room, Deb Kelley with The write one Creative Services, Jacob Smeaton with Music on the Move DJs, Yvette Rouse from Sarjade Jewelry, Barb Nelson-Fuqua from Barb Nelson stationary,  and too many others, to list here, that we consider friends through networking groups, professional organizations and everyday business dealings. We cannot thank you enough for being there when we need support or help, for a generous heart and listening ear and most of all for being the kind of people we know we can count on.

We are truly blessed with all that we have, the friends we share and the family we hold dear and most of all for each other!

Now go and have yourself a wholesale flower filled, fabulous Thanksgiving Day!

Small Budget? No Problem!

So! You’re planning an event. Most people pick a budget based on what they’d be comfortable spending as a whole for their event and try to work everything into that number. Usually, after the venue is chosen and the caterer is picked you look at the costs of those and see what you have left to work with. Most of the time what things cost is an eye opener, and sometimes makes it necessary to pare down what you originally intended to do, simply because most of us cannot afford a David Tutera type of event.

Now its time to look at flowers. You go on pinterest, you look on facebook, you do all kinds of searches to build a look or theme. The beauty of today’s technology is that it is easy do so, the downside is that more often than not you have absolutely no clue as to the cost of what you are looking at. When you find out through consultation and quotes, it can be a daunting task to choose which items in your floral designs are the most important to you and which you might have to let go of.

One of the things we always ask during a consultation is what is your budget. If you don’t have one, we try to determine what your pricing comfort level is. Many times we are working with clients whose budget is very small. But, if you are careful, creative and willing to compromise, your flowers can be done inexpensively and still give you a lovely look. Especially using Brides N Blooms, Wholesale & Designs, because we are a fresh flower wholesale company working directly with the farms, and we get your flowers in bulk at a lower cost.

Below are pictures from a recent wedding where the bride decided in order to keep her costs low, to forgo the bridal party flowers and just had her bouquet done. She chose her table decorations as the most important items in her floral budget. She went to craft stores and thrift stores to find interesting and inexpensive table decor.  (We encourage our price conscious clients to do that… the more YOU find and buy, the better for your budget.)  In the end her decor was very personal and unique, she was able to get a good amount of flowers for her money and she was willing to compromise in certain areas.

Wedding flowers do not have to break the budget, with a little bit of ingenuity these wedding flowers and designs were done for a party of 50-60 people and included table decor & centerpieces, cocktail tables, escort table & bridal bouquet all for $500.00.

Here is a sample of items from the event. If you’d like to see everything, check out our facebook page at:

zpfile001 (4) zpfile002 (2)  zpfile002 (3) zpfile001 (5)

Now go out and have yourself a wholesale flower filled day!







“Marriage doesn’t make you happy…”

Have you ever asked yourself what being married means? (Or, for the more modern and less traditional couples,  being in a committed relationship).

I always find people’s comments to a bride and groom very interesting. We always wish happiness, joy, and love. But really… they are all completely different ideas, and come from within, more than from marriage itself.  Happiness, as we all know, is fleeting. Usually a momentary event that comes and goes in between the daily grind. Joy is something that comes from within. Something that grows from contentment and peace in your life. Love… now love is a totally separate entity from those other feelings and emotions. Love is something you feel for someone else. Yes, its important to love oneself. But love in a marriage or relationship is all about giving, sharing, and doing for someone else.

Awhile back I remember reading a quote a friend gave me. It said “Marriage doesn’t make you happy. Marriage makes you married.” Marriage is a partnership, a team effort and just like with any team you have to practice. So for those of you who might be getting married soon remember a few things:

1. The more you give, the more you get back. That goes for love itself, acts of kindness, compassion and forgiveness.

2. Communication is key. Hiding or holding something back is like a little black worm in your relationship. Learn to say what you need to…even if its scary, even if its something you know your partner may not want to know or hear.

3. Learn about yourself and give your spouse space to do the same. You may grow together, but you are also separate human beings that need to realize you’re own potential and then you can value each other.

4. Patience… be patient with each other. People grow and change at different rates. People do the things they need to when they are ready. Pushing and trying to change someone will only frustrate you. Your spouse is a whole package. You cannot pick and choose the pieces you like and try to change the rest. Love who they are fully and compassionately.

5. Stay best friends. Always….

Marriage creates an environment in which you can choose happiness and you can create a wonderful home and friendship that will bring you happiness. But the institution itself—like everything, it’s what you do with it.” – See more at:
Marriage creates an environment in which you can choose happiness and you can create a wonderful home and friendship that will bring you happiness. But the institution itself—like everything, it’s what you do with it.” – See more at:

Being married should create the space for you to choose to be happy. It should create a place for you to have a wonderful home and friendship, both of which can bring you happiness. The institution of Marriage itself does not do that… You do.


Remember when you are choosing the right spouse, Don’t choose the one you think you can live with, choose the one that you can’t live without!

Now, work together and have yourself a wholesale flower filled life.

Marriage creates an environment in which you can choose happiness and you can create a wonderful home and friendship that will bring you happiness. But the institution itself—like everything, it’s what you do with it.” – See more at: