PARTY IT FORWARD© A New Concept In Planning Your Event

Co-hosted by Brides N Blooms, Wholesale & Designs and 1930 Grande Room

Co-hosted by Brides N Blooms, Wholesale & Designs and 1930 Grande Room

If you have not heard about Brides N Blooms, Wholesale & Designs Party It Forward@ A New Concept In Planning Your Event show then here’s your chance to read all about it! If you have… well then we do hope you will come out and join us for a great day!

Our company co-hosts this event with a different event location each time preferably with either lesser known hidden gems or up and coming venues. This time we are co-hosting with the very contemporary 1930 Grande Room.

We are so excited about this location and this show. 1930 Grande Room is located in historic Ybor City, Tampa. Their address is easy to remember… 1930 east 7th Avenue, Tampa, FL 33605. It is a very cool event venue with an industrial chic style and a great bar spanning the length of the room. Their secondary smaller area for cocktail hours and smaller events is located in the adjacent business next door. They are StoneChef Caterers, lead by the very talented Anthony Sanschagrin.

The show’s concept came about when Dorelle and I were discussing how after a big event is over there’s usually so many items that are left over like new and how daunting it can be for up and coming event hosts & brides to gather everything needed to make their event happen.  This includes the vendors, as well as the party items. Then after the big day is over everything you’ve had to purchase such as table decor, dresses, favors, etc.,  generally get shoved into a closet to gather dust.  Sometimes if a bride or past host is more industrious, they can get everything listed on craigslist and hope someone purchases it. We thought why couldn’t we combine those two ideas into one show. Hence our Party It Forward event show was born! A great way to meet the vendors you will need and have the chance to purchase items at discounted pricing that are like new.  All while giving  past hosts a chance to sell their beautiful party items and put some jingle back in their pocket! Reuse, Recycle… a big win in our book.

We hope you will ‘join’ and attend! Here is a link to the event on facebook:

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In anticipation of this upcoming Party It Forward,  here’s a look at one of our previous shows:

Hope you will come out and join us for a flower filled, Party It Forward Event day!



Random Thoughts…

Every so often I have these thoughts…. You know the kind that makes you sit back and wonder if its you or if it’s the proverbial ‘them’. (I am still waiting to find out who exactly ‘them’ is…but that would be for another blog) Here are a few random thoughts and items that have occurred over the last few weeks:

1. If I really wish and try can I make my dog stop shedding?

2. Did someone actually ask me if I could make sure that if I order a particular flower it will be in the exact color that matches her dress and would I promise that it would not vary?

3. If I use the power of positive thinking hard enough can I make my hair stop turning grey?

4. Why is there a ‘national moldy cheese day’? Who thought that was something we needed to celebrate?

5. How is it that it takes 2 months to lose 5 lbs and 5 days to gain it back?

6. I am disappointed that I completely missed  ‘Talk Like A Pirate Day’…  I so would have answered my phone with a hearty ‘Arrggg’ that whole day!

Now, I’m well aware that we all have random thoughts that cross our minds… not sure about anyone else, but mine seem to do it at the most inopportune times. Like when I’m trying to concentrate on my work. Or when I’d really like to be falling asleep rather than having these ridiculous thoughts. I think its important to note that both Dorelle and I realize that we think a little outside the box much of the time, which comes in handy for design and flower choices… we do like to look at that as generally a positive attribute about us. I do occasionally wonder how much of that is a combination of a little bit of skill and our somewhat offbeat view of  the things. In any case… I’m okay with it and I believe our clients are too!

I recently saw this pic and I’m pretty sure that it is so for me… Dorelle’s pretty sure of it as well…








Now go out there, enjoy the humor in life’s random moments, and have a flower-filled day!


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A Bride Finds Money… Fairy Tales Can Come True

What a great headline, right? It grabs you and you want to know more, don’t you? Who was she, where was she, how did she find it, where did she find it and what did she do with it.

As all good stories do, this one starts with… Once upon a time… there was a little bride. It seems that this particular bride had gone to multiple traditional florists, one by one, with all her photos and all her ideas, but the poor little bride kept getting sadder and sadder. Not one of them could make just what she wanted, for just the right price.

sad brideFinally, a friend of the little bride asked her if she had called Brides N Blooms, Wholesale and Designs, in Tampa.  She shook her head sadly and said that she had never heard of them.  Can she book an appointment? Can she show them all her photos and all her ideas? Would they be able make her dreams come true? Where were they located so she could go and find them!

No, her friend said, you can’t find their “shop”, because they don’t have one! But, they will meet you somewhere that is convenient for you. So, the sad little bride called Bride N Blooms, Wholesale & Designs at 813-852-2052 and booked an appointment.

Ellen & Dorelle met the hopeful little bride, smiled at her sweetly, and listened to her as she sadly recounted all the huge numbers that she had been quoted. They asked her quite simply, what was the most important aspect of her floral dream? And what price would make her the most happy?

Then the girls from Brides N Blooms, Wholesale and Designs got to work on the little bride’s quote. They cut a little here, added a little there and they worked and reworked, until it was just right!

When the little bride got her quote she was amazed… how could it be? It was less than the lowest quote she had gotten from all the others.  Ellen & Dorelle had said, “Brides N Blooms, Wholesale and Designs has the word Wholesale as our middle name, so, you get to save money on your flowers!  Plus, we don’t have a “shop” so you don’t have to help us pay for our overhead and best of all, we promise your flowers will be fresh from the farms and designed to shine in your arms.”

happy brideThe little bride was no longer sad, she was very happy. She found extra money to spend on her honeymoon, got her flowers just right and had everything she wanted for her big day!

Then she lived happily ever after.

The End!

*now* go have a happy, fairy tale flower filled day!

Lemons and Lemonade

Last week we noticed something… sometimes, things happen and it just doesn’t seem that anything is going the way we planned.

We had a schedule full of exciting things we were going to be doing, both in our business and personal lives. One by one, like the proverbial dominoes, they fell. A long time scheduled item was cancelled last minute due to weather and something else for a family issue, then one item just wasn’t going to work because of a scheduling issue, another had an emergency pop up last minute. Now, usually when this sort of thing happens, the first one or two we think, oh just coincidence.  By the time the 3rd or 4th domino was down and left strewn by the wayside, we began to think…is it us? is it them? Is someone or something trying to tell us something? Why is it raining lemons on our parade?? We began to say to each other there just HAS to be a reason why everything is just falling apart!? And after exploring any number of exotic reasons and wildly guessing at what the universe’s plans could be, we move on to how do we make the best of a crummy situation?

One of those events involved not just us, but a number of vendors, (though as it turned out it is not cancelled, just postponed, much to our relief)  So here we are… buckets full of flowers…what do we do with them all!!? Luckily, we were able to schedule one thing that we could use a small amount of them for. But, what to do with all the rest? (and there were plenty, indeed!)

And then Dorelle who, as usual, is the ‘idea girl’, finds the coolest ways to give charity. She had come across an organization awhile back called “Random Acts Of Flowers”. So, as she has been doing of late whenever we have a few flowers leftover, or designs that were used for a show and returned, all still beautifully fresh, she takes them and donates them to a local home for the aged. They love whenever she shows up with flowers in hand and we love knowing that someone is able to enjoy them. (Not that we ourselves would not, but we get to see fresh flowers all the time!). So off she went… with buckets to give!

In the end, we were reimbursed for the flowers by the company that had postponed their event, and though we offered the flowers to them to keep, they declined. I like to think the universe was wanting those flowers to be used exactly as they were, thanking us for being charitable and bringing some sunshine to others. As for all our personal plans, well… eventually we’ll get it together and try again, or maybe… we’ll just make some lemonade.



Now, go make some lemonade and have yourself a flower filled day!

Ellen & Dorelle