Secret Ingredient…

Sometimes I think I am so lucky…. I have a job where I get to work with my great friend Dorelle! I get to work with pretty flowers! I get to create artistic things and usually we are working on something happy and full of joy. Best of all though, we get to meet lots of people!

I have always been an artist and I’ve worked in many mediums. (Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, flowers are a medium). When left to my own devices I like to try something new or put colors and flowers together in fun patterns!  As consultants though, it is our job to listen to what our client wants and make that vision a reality. Give us a picture and we can make that happen. Explain your vision and we will work hard to bring that picture in your head to life.

Occasionally, there is the  client who really doesn’t know what they want and has absolutely no vision for their big day.  Sometimes we have the DIY client, who calls our Wholesale division and needs some guidance.  That is where Dorelle excels. She is the idea girl. If someone who calls needs some help, she will spend the time helping them bring their vision together. In our Design division I am sure that is why we work together so well. Whatever she dreams up, I will try!

Our families and friends have said we should be in a TV reality show because we play off each other so well. I’m not sure how entertaining for the masses that would be, but for us when working on a project it certainly makes the day more enjoyable. I know it is clear to our clients that we love what we do and we like working together.  Flowers, Friends & Fun. I think those are our secret ingredients and is there a better way to work than that?

Some fun floral designs:

Ellen & Dorelle

Friends & Business Partners!

Friends & Business Partners!

It’s going to take some time to plan…

So, you’re finally ready to plan the big event! It could be a wedding, a bar/bat mitzvah, quinceanera, birthday or anniversary celebration.  One thing is for certain, it’s going to cost money and it’s going to take some time to plan.

My advice is simple, and straight forward:

1.   Start early:

checklist girl

Whenever possible, give yourself enough time to find the right venue & vendors. Interview vendors and make smart decisions based on solid information and choice rather than being forced to take whatever is available.

Make a list of what you need to do in order of importance and as you gain each piece, check it off on your list as done.

2.      Make a budget:


If you are like most everyone, money is going to be a big factor in planning your event. It will more than likely dictate each facet, so decide what is most important to you down to what is the least important to you. Be realistic about what each vendor will need to get what you want. It’s okay to be frugal, but don’t expect a $50,000 wedding on a $10,000 budget.

Brides N Blooms Wholesale and Design always asks our clients for their floral budget in our initial consultation. It helps the client think about what they will be comfortable spending and keeps us both on target with their budget range. It also helps us decide what flowers & design work we can offer without breaking the bank. We always tell our clients it is not our intention to reach into your pocket and take what you do not have to spend. There is nothing worse than having a client’s hopes for something be completely dashed because what we discussed ended up being totally out of their budget comfort zone. Remember, “budget” is not a dirty word, it’s a necessary word. No one will fault you for having a budget; we all just need to know what your comfort range is!

3.      Get Referrals:


If this is the first time you are planning a big event, talk to friends and family who have been there before. They will have insight into details that you might not have thought of.  Ask for and about the vendors they used and what they thought. If there is a vendor you seek that offers something new or is something that your friends/family didn’t have at their event, ask other vendors that you’ve contracted with if they can help. Many times when sitting down with a client we will share the names of different vendors we trust and have worked with. So don’t be afraid to ask. If you have the resources to use an event planner, that is a great option as well.

The time to plan goes by so fast, though sometimes it feels like you will never be done! If you are organized and keep to your budget and goals when the big day arrives you will be able to sit back and enjoy the day with all the happiness it deserves!

Now go plan to have a wonderful wholesale flower filled day!

Some wedding floral ideas by Brides N Blooms Designs:


Food Trucks for your Wedding?

As our long time readers know, we are all about bringing cool and unusual vendors to the forefront. No, they aren’t all for everyone, but, it’s good to know what’s out there, that might spark some interest.

This time we are going to highlight food trucks. Yes, I went there…Food trucks have made there mark on the culinary landscape.

They have food trucks that specialize in pretty much anything you may want. In fact, you could have your entire event catered by food truck chefs.


Start with a truck that specializes in sandwiches or small bite morsels, for your Cocktail hour. & to bring the cocktails.

Then bring on the Entrée truck…

You could have almost ANYTHING you could think of. Got Vegan friends, Yeah there’s a truck for that.

Now the best truck drives up, the Dessert truck…

So in days gone by we had chocolate fountains (nice, but, messy)

Then we had Dessert tables (awesome for take-home goodies)

The cookies and milk/coffee doggie bags (very nice for those who maybe a bit tipsy from the open bar)

But, imagine being able to bring your guests outside, and instead of the “ice cream truck” which, in the Summer is still a GREAT option, they would enter the Dessert truck. They could pick out whatever desserts their heart desired, and it would all be “FREE”…

Wait..what if you gave them a Golden ticket to enter the dessert truck…but, I digress as thoughts of Willie Wonka fill my head.

Go on, dream it up, You are sure to find a “food truck” for that. I have found that the chefs on the trucks are more than willing to work with you, to get the very best bang for your buck, AND bring the cool element to your event.

Now, go have yourself a wholesale flower filled day…Remember, where the flowers are always fresh from the farms to your arms. Wholesale flowers and design, helping you save money on your bulk flowers, one event at a time.

Links for more vendors:

We’re Back!

We’re Back! It’s been a little while since we were here, but now we’re ready to share everything that we’ve been doing while we were gone!

After a busy wedding season with lots of wonderful Brides & parties we needed to spend a little time with our families and get a little R & R in. So, we took a little time off!  Everyone needs a break once in awhile! Even your friends at Brides N Blooms, Wholesale & Design!

Relaxing is fun!

Relaxing is fun!

After we returned to our work space we took a good look around and decided things needed to be organized. We had fun going through our inventory, deciding what we still wanted and what we no longer needed. We loved finding some little forgotten treasures and going through the boxes of items we hadn’t seen in awhile. We are so much happier with our space now. It is neat and organized and ready for work!

We're working hard!

Organizing things is a big job!

So now its back to work! We have been attending seminars and networking meetings, keeping up with what other event professionals are doing and researching new ideas and trends in our industry. We are working on a new look for our Brides N Blooms Design page. Keep an eye out for our new logo design!  July will bring a new sales special and plans for our next Party It Forward© are in the works! All of it is very exciting and we’re so grateful that our family and friends are supporting us through this whirlwind of change.

Hard at work!!

Hard at work!

This past spring seemed to bring out the “nautical” in our Brides. We provided flowers and designs for some beautiful Nautical/Beach themed weddings throughout the Tampa Bay area. We loved being a part of each and every one of them! We were lucky enough to do events on yachts on both sides of the Bay as well as A lovely beach/nautical themed wedding at the Carlouel Yacht Club in Clearwater Beach.

We were very excited to have been a part of two beautiful weddings at the Indian Cultural Center in Tampa as well as a  fairytale themed wedding at the Event Factory.

Our wholesale division shipped lots of flowers to Brides and event hosts all over the US. We always enjoy hearing how happy our customers are with their flowers and what they did with them! Brides N Blooms as a company is all about giving back and doing good for the community. So, following in the footsteps of  “Random Acts of Flowers” we donate all leftover flowers and floral designs to a local nursing home.  Thankfully it has been a wonderful year so far, and we look forward to working with all our new clients in this upcoming season.


On a final note, we wish everyone a great Independence Day! Get your red, white and blue on and remember our troops who make it possible for us to celebrate our freedom!

Wedding photos: