Traveling Make-up artist: NY,NJ, PA areas

Beauty begins inside. Some of us need a little help with the outside. There is a special lady, who’s company is based in Nutley N.J. who can help you look your most beautiful on your special day, but, she comes to you with  an even more beautiful inside.

Deirdre, the owner of Deeva Beauty, is a licensed cosmetologist, makeup artist, and educator; with a background freelancing for Estee Lauder, Lancome, Revlon, and trained by M.A.C. A big fan of ‘provocative’ beauty and the Old Hollywood pin-ups, Deirdre is known for her ‘easy glamour’ style and the one to go to if you want to look GLAMOROUS but classy. Her favorite look is SMOKEY EYES and pouty lips, but fear not, a natural ‘girl next door’ classic bride is doable as well if that is what you desire.

With all that said, when you check out you will see what an amazing person Deirdre actually is. She shares hints and tips, she helps with questions you may have, she travels to your location to help you save time and energy, and a portion of each of her sessions goes to help various animal agencies. Even if all things were equal, this, (which they are not), puts her on higher ground.

Here is a direct quote, (which I love), from Deirdre’s website…”But I’m not just another makeup artist and DeeVa Beauty isn’t just another company seeking profits. It is a platform to look deeper within and find compassion and kindness towards God’s helpless, knowing your beauty does not only lie in your looks but in your humanity, ethics and your courage to make a difference. We all want to find an authentic experience, a way to live more passionately…to connect with something.”


So, if you want to be more gorgeous, if you want to have a Deeva make-over party, or you just want to look the very best you can look, on your special day, give Deirdre a call. You will be happy that you did!

Go get beautiful, Call Deeva Beauty and have a wholesale flower filled day!

Aisle runners Custom made for you!

We’re so excited here at We found an amazing vendor with an even more amazing product!

Chic Unique Inc. is a company that specializes in custom made aisle runners. What a fantastic addition to your wedding (or any other occasion where you want to be the “center of attention”).

Chic Unique Inc. creates the most beautiful, handpainted aisle runners, unique to you. You get to pick the colors, the style, the ribbons, the verbage, and, best of all, what you will do with it after you walk on it.

It almost seems a shame to walk on such a beautiful work of art, but, hey, that’s what it’s there for. Once you have come down the aisle, you can choose to reuse the runner in various places at your event.

Beth recommends using it for a backdrop behind your sweetheart table, and then, once you return home, have it shortened and framed, or have a pillow made, for a keepsake that everyone can admire for years to come.

This is one of those items that “not everyone and their sister” will have. Be unique, be yourself!

So, if you are looking to step up the look of your ceremony and have a wonderfully beautiful keepsake for years to come, check out I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.

Now, have a wholesale flower filled day!