Seating Charts..A beautiful detail

Hi everyone.

I am constantly amazed by how incredibly creative some people are, and how that creativity helps others to have something that they will cherish for a lifetime. 

Who would ever think that seating charts could be anything except functional? Certainly not me. But, Theresa of definitely saw the need.

When you wander through the site, you are transported to your own personal garden. What do you want your guests to remember about your wedding? The details of course! What did you do that was inspiring?

www.bellejardine.comwill help you to find your passion, and have a wonderful keepsake that you can frame, and look at for a lifetime. Why have little placecards that people just pick up and then throw in the garbage? A beautiful, personalized seating scroll will be a remembrance forever.

Here’s hoping you have a wholesale flower filled day!

Videojournalism in New Jersey!

Hello there to our New Jersey Brides!

We have found a fantastic videojournalist for you. Edisonian Studios does some amazing work that will help you stand out.

Edisonian Studios strives at the forefont of customized graphics in wedding videography, known as Visual Effects (VFX). By compositing layers and introducing accentual graphics, your visual story takes on a magical and timeless flare. 

Videos, done right, are the most enjoyable part of remembering. Yes, photos are great, but, a video brings the excitement back to you, weeks and even years later.

If you have saved money by using on your flowers, we highly recommend spending that money on your videos with Edisonian Studios. You will thank us over and over again.

Have a wholesale flower filled day!