A great twist for a rehearsal dinner

Are you looking for a new and different way to get everyone together, get to know each other a little better and have a really good time? I met the coolest guy, who runs the coolest business…

Murder for Hire is a great and interactive way to have your family and friends get together and “do” a murder mystery dinner, (this is not dinner theater!)

You and your guests are the stars, the script is written, the plot thickens as you add your friends as the suspects. Each guest gets a part to play, someone is the murderer and someone is the “corpse”.

Check out the site…www.murderforhireinc.com, as for Tom, tell him Dorelle sent you!

Have a flower filled day!

Posh Portatoilets!

So, when is a porta potty not a porta potty? When it’s brought in by black tie services. You can’t believe how gorgeous these “bathrooms” are. If you are having an outdoor event or if you just need some extra potty space, you should definitely consider checking this site out! www.blacktieservices.com

Here’s what they have to say!

Clean, Reliable, Portable Restrooms and Showers FOR ALL OCCASIONS! Black Tie Event Services is the nation’s leader in providing the finest portable toilets, mobile restrooms and shower trailers from coast to coast. Since 1999, BTES has earned an outstanding reputation by providing comfortable and stylish facilities for small parties as well as large prestigious events

Have a flower filled day!

Valentine’s Day rose special

Hello to all!
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, time to start thinking about your rose order. Pricing for our beautiful Ecuadorian roses is as follows..
1 box 125 roses, any color, any mixture (excluding red) $150.00 shipped anywhere in the USA for free
1 box 250 roses, any color, any mixture, (excluding red) $275.00
Shipping is free
1 box 125 stems $190.00 (free shipping)
1 box 250 stems $350.00 (free shipping)

Get your orders in now, make sure you get what you really want, and not just what’s left over.


How to write an awesome resume

Hello All!

I came across another amazing lady who has an amazing company, that does amazing things! Oh, you’re going to want to visit this site and talk with Mary!

Everyone has a friend who can “help” with updating your resume, really, how’s that working for you? Ever wish you could just figure out what the companies want, so that you could make sure your resume screams “LOOK AT ME”…”CALL ME”!

Well, here you go….. 

The Business Writing, Ink. Resume Package includes:

  • A full interview with the job seeker to ascertain goals and requirements
  • Creation of an industry-appropriate resume
  • Draft of a customizable cover letter
  • Development of a post-interview thank you letter

It is important to BWI to contribute in any way that we can to those whose employment status has been affected by the recession. We take this responsibility very seriously and will provide high quality documents to represent your accomplishments.



Ok…you’re on your own now, good luck and have a flower filled day.

An Interesting Idea for a bouquet

Hello everyone!

As I was trolling the internet for something of interest to write about, I came upon this item, written by Michelle Binkley. I thought it was really sweet, and, if you are a romantic at heart, you may like this idea for a bouquet.

One of my favorite things to see at weddings is a bouquet put together as the bride walks down the aisle. This is an excellent consideration if you are on a strict budget, but it does take some time to plan ahead. Ask each significant friend or family member (about 10 – 15 people total) to bring a fresh cut bloom from their garden, or their favorite flower to the ceremony. Supply each with a water vial a few days before the wedding, (Bridesnblooms.com sells this product). Have them bring their bloom of choice in the water filled vial and sit it right on the aisle at the ceremony. As the Bride (that’s you) walks down the aisle, she collects the blooms and as the bundle of flowers grows, the Mom(s) can add the last bloom(s) and tie it off with a nice ribbon. Voila! – a group bouquet which doesn’t leave a dry eye in the house. You can request that they remove the vials just before they hand you the bloom. You may also want to put someone in charge of organizing this – phoning to remind them the day before, suggesting a standard length of the flower and finding out what flowers people are bringing so that nothing outrageous like half a rose tree is handed to you while heading down the aisle.

Don’t you just love this idea? I think it’s really sweet, and really helps to include those who you couldn’t have in your wedding party.

Have a flower filled day!!!