I love Bridesnblooms.com

Dear Brides & Blooms,
Just three days before our wedding I made a phone call to you and I asked for 125 yellow roses delivered to Tropical Breeze Resort where we planned to have our wedding. Well, sure enough, they were there a few hours before we arrived from a different state, perfectly packed! We hydrated them as suggested by you and they were ready to be arranged for the wedding next morning! Let me tell you, your product is GORGEOUS, HIGH QUALITY and WELL PRICED.
I couldn’t get enough of those flowers and got so many compliments from our guests…enclosed are a few pictures for you to see the proof!!
Let me assure you I will be telling about you to everyone!!! What a great service!!!
Thank you again, Alla & Toby (11/30/10)


Definitely order bulk flowers! I got 75 white dahlias from bridesnblooms.com for $150. Along with $5 bucks of ribbon and floral tape, and a $16 dollar bouquet of pink roses(bought elsewhere) to mix in with my bouquet, I had enough flowers for my bouquet, 5 bridesmaids and all 13 centerpieces. And my florist want to charge me $90 dollars just for my bouquet! Making them was really easy, and they came out really well.

Thank-You Bridesnblooms,


Lakeland, FL.

Trendsetting RSVP Idea

When I feel an affinity for someone, something or just an idea,  I feel compelled to share it with you! I used this service and LOVED it, I passed it on to friends and they too loved it…So, now it’s your turn to love it!

Custom RSVP webpage design to go along with your custom invitations.

Looking for something different for your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Quinceanera, Sweet 16, graduation party or any other special occasion?

Deb Kelley, owner of The Write One Creative Services will create your custom and personalized invitations and matching web RSVP page…. She can even create your cake design for your special child.

Save money on printing response cards, save money on postage, do your part for the environment!  Forget about waiting for invited guests to remember to mail out the response card. Your RSVP web page sends your guest’s  response directly to your personal email. We will even add, without any additional cost, a photo slide show, using your photos. What a great way to showcase your child’s growth to out of town relatives.

Each invitation and web page design is original  based on conversations with you, about your child and/or the theme of his/her event. There are no pre-existing, cookie-cutter templates. Everything you receive is custom created specifically for your child.

Original cake designs are created in PhotoShop and sent to you as a print-ready PDF to print off and bring to your local bakery to print on to the cake. (Publix and Carvel do this.)

Go ahead, think outside the box, be the trendsetter that you know that you are. Our standards are high but our prices are low!

Call 813-416-2068 or email thewriteonecs@aol.com for your free quote today!

A very happy DIY bride

Hello Dorelle!

   My brother’s wedding was this past weekend and I wanted to send you some preliminary pictures of the flowers.  They turned out just gorgeous.  All the flowers were delivered on time and they were in great shape.  Thank you so much for all your help with this process.  I wish I could get married again and redo my flowers myself!  I certainly will be calling you again for future flower needs.  (My sister is next in line to get married….we are anxiously awaiting a proposal.) 

I’m sure I’ll get some other close-ups of the flowers from the photographer a little later.  Feel free to use them on your website!  –Lindsey N.

Green Acres, FL

Custom invitations…DIY pricing!

So, you want to save money, but, you want to have professional invitations, until now, that was an impossibility! I have found you guys an amazing company, and an even more amazing lady to work with.

Check this out…You can create a custom invitation, get response cards, envelopes, and NOW, you get a bonus for ordering 100 you will get free Thank-You notes!

 100 invitations including response cards and envelopes would get you a 10% discount off of the individual pricing.  So for $3.50 each, 100 invitations will get you $35 off, plus the current month’s special too (free thank you cards)!

Hurry up and go to  http://www.neotericexpressions.etsy.com Talk with Tiffany, and tell her Dorelle sent you there.

Have a wonderful day, and keep flowers in your heart!

Christmas/Chanukah Centerpiece ideas

I know I don’t have to remind you it’s the holiday season. People are running, shopping, cooking, baking, and partying. When you have people over to your home, or, you need a quick gift to bring, you should think flowers. Flowers always make people happy! Here’s an idea I think you will find fun, easy, and different.

Find an inexpensive glass bowl, (try dollar tree) or the back of your cabinets. Get some metallic shred, red, gold, silver, any color will do. Fill the glass bowl generously with the shred, add water, maybe a flashing light (if you have it), then add white flowers. In your standard “rose bowl” you can fill the bowl with 9 roses or 5 large carnations or 1 nice sized hydrangea. Lightly spray with a mist of water, and for pizazz sprinkle lightly with angel dust glitter.  Wrap a ribbon around the neck of the bowl, if you have jingle bells, hang them from the ribbon, and you are done!

With bridesnblooms, 1 box of roses, 13 rose bowls, 1 roll of ribbon, 3 bags of shred, and you have 13 gifts. Total cost $133.00 cost per gift $10.23…..Wow!!!

Have a wonderful and flower filled day!

Cool New Product!

Because we are more about helping others than we are about lining our pockets, when we come across a new product that we think you will love, we will bring it to you here.

Heritage Makers is a cool product that allows you to make your own printed & bound storybook about anything. You can make a storybook to print and give to your kids or you can make one about your relationship, uploading photos from all your outings leading right up to your honeymoon.  You can custom make it all, and then it comes to your front door all done.

It takes scrapbooking to an all new level, it’s professional and can be made for your parent books, your main wedding photo book, it’s all up to you, and the cost is so low you won’t believe it.

If you have more questions, check out http://www.mystorycorneronline.com

Speak with Rachel, she’s a real doll!

Have a wonderful and flower filled day!

Valentine’s Weekend Weddings

Hello all:

So, Valentine’s day falls on a Sunday this year, this makes for some very happy brides, as it’s the most romantic day of the year, until, they start dreaming about their flowers. Roses are a hot commodity from mid January until the week after Valentine’s day. This is when the farms are going to make most of their money for the year.

Please consider using flowers other than roses for your wedding if it is going to fall during those 5 weeks.  If you absolutely must have roses, choose a color other than red.

Flowers that don’t generally go up too much in price for that time of the year are hydrangeas, orchids, tropicals,  and daisies. 

We will always do our best to bring you the freshest, most beautiful flowers, for the lowest price possible.  Though our prices on flowers will go up during those 5 weeks, they will still be nowhere near what the traditional florist will be charging, if they even have time to take your wedding during that weekend.

So go ahead and dream of the most perfect Valentine’s weekend wedding, then give us a call for the very best pricing available.

Have a flower filled day!