Thanksgiving Day Centerpiece ideas

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and you’ve probably been thinking about what you will serve, who will you invite, and what will you wear; But, have you given any thought to your centerpiece? As the word infers, it is the “Center Piece” of your table. It is what will set the tone for the table.

Since Thanksgiving falls during Autumn, we naturally think of fall colors. Orange, gold, brown, deep red, deep green flowers are in abundance during this season.

Everyone has seen centerpieces made from pumpkins or cornucopias, but, why not try using some of your crystal? How about a punch bowl sitting on a wall mirror? or, your Trifle bowl, you could layer flowers as you would layer the dessert.

I personally like to use window boxes for Thanksgiving. I have growing plants (succulants) as the main portion of the box, then I add in the layers of fresh flowers. I like to keep with a theme, so, I would place small pumpkins, on skewer sticks, add in deep red roses, orange and gold mums, then finish off the edges by draping fresh herbs such as parsley or cilantro. (remember, when creating this type of arrangement you will want to do clusters of same flowers, for effect) always use odd numbers such as 3s and 5s for clustering.

What’s nice about this centerpiece is that the plants will keep growing in the box, until you need to make another centerpiece.  *Consider growing the herbs in the flower box, then you will have them to use all year*

If you buy your roses and mums from you will have plenty to give to your guests as a thank-you for coming gift.